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Gorgeous Rights Is the Beauty Brand That Helps You Support Women& #039; s Rights

Yesterday, the electoral college elected Donald Trump towards the presidency. While this may not come as a surprise, the result symbolizes a blow to women: Trump and Pence have strongly supported the pro-life movement , and women’s-health organizations like Planned Parenthood could very well suffer . Thankfully, there’s an easy (and nonpolitical) way to give back to important groups this particular holiday season. All you have to do is shop for beauty products, a. e. a. something you do already.

The brand-new brand called Beautiful Rights is combining makeup plus activism by donating 20 percent of all sales in order to groups supporting women’s and/or minority rights. Shoppers can pick which organizations to donate their hard-earned pennies in order to, including Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Protections Union . Founder Kristen Leonard, who has worked within the cosmetics industry for more than a decade, says both the present political climate as well as a desire to make a real difference influenced her to launch Beautiful Rights.

“I can no longer sit back and expect our leaders in order to fight for what is important to women, ” Leonard tells Allure . “It’s people like me, who’ve been complacent in regards to politics, that need to get involved and do our own part to support what we believe in. I am taking what I perform best, creating beautiful makeup, and making a difference along with those skills. ”

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Therefore about that makeup. The line is pretty small at this point— only one lip gloss and two lipsticks. But it’s high quality over quantity here. Everything is cruelty-free, made in your area in New York, and free of parabens and fragrances. Although we’ve yet to test them for ourselves, we’re specifically excited about the Gloss Ceiling lip gloss, a globally flattering champagne pink infused with avocado and coconut oils. Also available is a bright magenta lipstick playfully named Pantsuit Pink, an ode to Hillary Clinton’s professional outfit of choice and a natural pink shade dubbed Politically Pout. Like the gloss, both lipsticks are infused with hydrating oils (including jojoba, grape-seed, and coconut) to keep lip area soft, even through a long day of protesting the particular patriarchy.

Each item retails regarding $24 at beautifulrights. com , or you can buy the whole collection, a set known as Stronger Together, for $64.

Then watch Hillary Clinton’ s 17 the majority of iconic beauty moments:

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