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Greatest French Beauty Products to Make Your Skin Say, Oui!

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Interested in the effortless glamour only French women can accomplish? Even if you don’ t possess their je ne sais quoi, you can still possess their beauty products! Keep reading to find the best French beauty products to add to your skincare routine.

Along the lines of Korean makeup lies French skincare: two enigmatic ways of doing beauty that have captivated our interests in the us and everywhere else. There’ s something about the French beauty regimen women around the world, especially American women, really like. While their makeup routine can be called “ simple” ( like Gwyneth Paltrow , they only focus on the essentials — mascara, lips tint, blush, tinted moisturizer), their skincare routine is certainly anything but. With a focus on skincare as makeup, it’ s i9000 no wonder French women look effortlessly chic everywhere each goes! They focus on the basics, not the details, and personally, we all like that.

In order for us to attain a bit of that will French fabulousness, we’ ve gathered the best French beauty items out there. These products are the real deal in France and have however to gain their cult following in the states. With these products in your bathroom counter, you’ ll be scoring that Lou Doillon look in no time!

1 .   Christophe Robin Volumizing Conditioner with Flower Extracts

When your hair is gorgeous plus skin smooth, just waking up or going out with no makeup on is NBD. The French seem to grow up with this ideal, this is why they place such importance on maintaining the beauty of their particular natural hair and skin, instead of flocking to make-up to conceal it all. This conditioner, created by master France colorist, Christophe Robin, has the right amount of nourishment which will leave your hair soft and hydrated, without weighing this down.

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Christophe Robin – Volumizing Conditioner with Rose | Picture via Necessary Nothings

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