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Have the Look: Perfect Eyebrows (Tips & Tricks + How-To Video! )

Do you have celebrity eyebrow envy? I actually do! Big, bold, beautiful eyebrows are trending in Showmanship right now and everyone wants them. Before I learned these types of easy eyebrow secrets I thought I was destined to be a design victim of the over-plucked ’ 90s forever.

Not only do thicker, fuller eyebrows make you appear younger, the perfectly shaped eyebrow gives you a look of confidence plus balances your face. After filling in my own over-arched brow series I had to admit, my eyebrows changed my entire face.

Creating a “ perfect” eyebrow form may be intimidating— especially for beginners. But trust me; if I can perform it, it’ s a safe bet that a person with opposable thumbs and a mirror can too. So if you need Hollywood-worthy eyebrows and a more youthful appearance like Miranda Kerr, Rihanna or Cara Delevingne, check out our step-by-step brow tutorial below.

More of a visual student? Beauty blogger Thu of Very lazy Girl Glam has you covered:

How to Get Perfect Eyebrows

one Start Fresh

Before you build your perfect eye brows, tweeze, wax or thread your brow line so that you have a clean slate to work with; if you are prone to irritation, inflammation or swelling you may want to apply a cool compress afterward.

2 . Stock up

If you’ lso are a novice, it’ s time to pack your makeup handbag with eyebrow essentials like tweezers, a spoolie clean, and a brow pencil. You may also want to invest in brow solution, brow brush, and a powder or pomade— and you’ ll have everything you need to create the brow look you’ re going for.

3. Measure up

Your eyebrows should form an arch just outside the pupil (the dark center of your eye). To find this, just align an eyebrow pencil or brush vertically along the outside of your nose and rotate it till it aligns with your iris. Locate the natural starting of your eyebrow by aligning the pencil vertically towards your nose and the end by aligning the pen with the outer corner of your eye.

four. Brush up

Make small upward shots from the front to the tail of your eyebrow using a spoolie brush.

5. Find Your Shade

One of the most important steps to creating a natural-looking eyebrow will be selecting the right color. Look for a shade that closely matches nice hair color or is one shade lighter. Try to avoid using more dark shades, as the contrast might be too harsh.

6. Define Your Line

Using your eyebrow pencil, start drawing your bottom brow line, initial from the middle to the tail, then from the front towards the middle.

7. Fill in

When you have the bottom border defined, it’ s time to add denseness to your eyebrows with an eyebrow pen ; small upward strokes are best to mimic your own existing eyebrow hairs.

Note: If your eye brows are extra thin, a pomade and slanted brow brush may give a fuller, natural look.

8. Brush up— Again

Don’ t forget this essential step to blend and soften any harsh, unnatural-looking lines.

9. Highlight and Glow

Finish your eyebrows with a highlighter or concealer along your brow line to give your eyebrows the meaning and lift you’ re after. Try going the shade lighter than your skin tone to make your eye brows really pop.

10. Blend in

Blend the highlighter or concealer using your finger plus gently pat until it glows; this is especially efficient near the tail of the eyebrow.

11. Arranged It

Tame and set your brows along with brow gel for ideal shape and a lasting keep for an everyday look or special occasions.

Do you have a favorite tip for defining your eyebrows? Prefer a lot more understated  look?
Tell us your thoughts in the comments beneath.

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