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How To Avoid Cakey Makeup

Cake is delicious, but a cakey face doesn’t look as delightful. When you end up with a cakey face by the end of the day, this means that there is something wrong with your face makeup routine and some tweaks are needed. Never suffer from a cakey face again with this tutorial on how to avoid cakey makeup.

How To Avoid Cakey Makeup

No Cakey Makeup Tutorial
Never have cakey face again with the right makeup techniques

Learn the secrets to a flawless look all day. Here are the steps:

How To Avoid Cakey Makeup – Step 1

One of the reasons why makeup becomes cakey is because your face has too much dead skin. So, the first step is exfoliate the face at least once a week to create a smooth surface for the makeup to adhere to.

How to Exfoliate Facial Skin
Remove dead skin cells to prevent foundation from sticking to flaky skin.

How To Avoid Cakey Makeup – Step 2

Immediately after exfoliating, apply a moisturizer whether you have oily or dry skin.

Prevent Dry Skin With Moisturizer
Always moisturize after exfoliating

Let it dry for 10 minutes. If there’s still moisturizer not absorbed by the skin, blot it up. Too much moisturizer on the skin isn’t good with makeup as well.

Use Blotting Paper to Remove Excess Moisturizer on the Skin
Blot excess moisturizer after 10 minutes

How To Avoid Cakey Makeup – Step 3

The best way to avoid a cakey look is to avoid retouches altogether. Apply a face primer to make sure your makeup is kept in place all day.

How to Use Face Primer
Apply face primer to keep makeup in place

How To Avoid Cakey Makeup – Step 4

Now that the face has a smooth surface to apply makeup too, you must choose the correct foundation for your skin type. Using a foundation brush is always the best thing to do as it will enable you to apply with thin and even layers. Avoiding putting too much foundation on any areas of the face.

How to Apply Foundation With Makeup Brush
Apply foundation with a foundation brush to avoid heavy patches in skin.

How To Avoid Cakey Makeup – Step 5

Many women consider the concealer as the holy grail of makeup. If you do too, then this is the time to apply concealer under your eyes as well as other spots or blemishes on the face.

How to Apply Concealer on the Face
Apply concealer to create a flawless look

If you’re applying concealer on the undereyes, applying a bit of face primer first should avoid it being too cakey when mixed with the foundation base.

Concealer Application Makeup Tips
Dab a bit of primer before applying concealer under the eyes

If you want to hide certain spots on the face, use a concealer brush and do spot treatment. This will avoid putting concealer in areas that don’t really need it. This produces a more natural look at the end.

How to Do Spot Treatment with Concealer
Apply concealer only on specific areas

How To Avoid Cakey Makeup – Step 6

With your face makeup almost complete, apply a thin layer of setting powder to hold the makeup in place. Use a setting powder that matches the shade of your foundation. If you can’t find one, a translucent setting powder will do.

How to Apply Setting Powder on Face
Set makeup in place with setting powder

How To Avoid Cakey Makeup – Step 7

For good measure, apply a finishing spray to prevent makeup from melting and to make the makeup last longer too.

How to use Makeup Finishing Mist
Apply a finishing mist to make sure makeup stays in place

Once you’re done with these steps, you can now complete the look. Fill in your eyebrows, apply eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lip color. If you stick to this makeup routine, you’ll notice that your makeup is lasting longer and you don’t suffer from a cakey look anymore.

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