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How to Define Your Face as you Age

When women age, suddenly, they feel like their beauty regimen is restricted or limited. You can’t wear bright eyeshadow and lipstick. You can’t wear anything shimmery or glittery on the eyes. While it is true that there will be limitations on the makeup products you use, this doesn’t mean that you will just look boring as you age. Every woman deserves to look their best, regardless of their age. If you’re having problems on how to define your eyes and lips, this step-by-step tutorial should help you out:

How to Define Your Eyes and Lips

Defining the eyes and the lips isn’t hard to do as long as you know proper method.

Makeup Tutorial on How to Define Eyes and Lips
Before and After transformation

To pull off this exact look, these are the products you will need:

Best Makeup Products for Older Women
The suggested list of products to pull off this look.

Step 1

Apply a lid primer on the eyelids to prepare it for eyeshadow application. This will allow the eyeshadow to last longer as well as create a smoother finish on the eyes.

How to Apply Eyelid Primer
Start with applying a lid primer

Step 2

While allowing the lid primer to dry, work on your eyebrows. As women age, eyebrow hair becomes thinner and often, the color fades too. Use an eyebrow pen to fill in your eyebrows. Apply with light feathery strokes to mimic thin eyebrow hair. Filling in the eyebrows frames the eyes, which is very important for definition. Apply until you have the intensity and density that you like.

How to Fill in Eyebrows with Brow Pen
Frame the eyes by filling in the eyebrows

Step 3

Using a spoolie brush, comb the brow hair gently to tidy it up. What’s great about using a brow pen is it doesn’t create hard lines like what a brow pencil would and it won’t smudge like brow powder either.

How to Color Eyebrows with Brow Pen
Comb eyebrows for a tidy look

Step 4

You can now apply eyeshadow on your lids. In this tutorial, they used a silver eyeshadow with a slight shimmer. Silver is a good universal color that is flattering for most older women. Plus, it helps smoothen out the eyelid.

How to Apply Eyeshadow on Hooded Eyes
Apply silver eyeshadow to the eyelids

Step 5

It is also important to open up the eyes. To do this, use an eyeliner pencil and apply it as close as possible to the lash line. This will create an appearance that you have thicker and fuller lashes. For the bottom lash line, opt to use a taupe eyeshadow and use a brush for application. This will open up the eyes further.

How to Apply Eyeliner Using Pencil
Line the lash line to make it look like you have thicker eyelashes

Step 6

Now, you need to create a socket line. The socket line makes the eyes look bigger, which is very helpful for women with hooded eyes. To create the sock line, use a slightly darker shadow, as this will add depth to the eyes. If you’re done, make sure to blend the color properly.

How to Create A Socket Line for Older Women
Create a socket line for depth

Step 7

Adding a charcoal color to the outer edges of the eyes will also help add more depth.

DIY Makeup for Mature and Older Women
Apply brown eyeshadow on outer corner of the eyes for added depth

How to Define Your Eyes and Lips – Step 8

To finish off the eyes, curl the eyelashes and apply mascara. Pick a mascara with fewer filaments to avoid having spider lashes. Don’t forget to apply mascara on the bottom lashes as well.

Makeup Tips for Older Women with Thin Eyelashes
Apply mascara on curled eyelashes to open up the eyes

Step 9

Pick a lip liner that is very close to the natural color of your lips and line the outer edges of the lips. Then using a lip brush, apply a soft pink lip color to the lips.

How to Do Professional Makeup for Older Women at Home
Line the lips with a lip liner and apply lipstick with a lip brush for a more professional application

Step 10

Apply lip gloss to your lips to make the lips look fuller and more alive.

Everyday Makeup for Women Over 55
Finish the look with lip gloss or lip shine

Many would say that you can’t put color on your lips because it would be age inappropriate. This isn’t always true because even older women need color to brighten up their look. However, it is true that it is best to stick to matte eyeshadow finish because it enhances the eyes as opposed to shimmery eyeshadows that can make the lines appear more obvious.

It just takes a bit of practice to follow these steps if you want to pull off a natural everyday look. Nonetheless, we’re sure that you’ll perfect the look in no time!

You may watch the full tutorial here:

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