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How you can Rock Glitter Makeup This Holiday Season Like a Grownup

How you can Rock Glitter Makeup This Holiday Season Like a Grownup


If you were a kid from the 90s (or okay, any decade! ), you was raised with an obsession with all things glitter glue . From those neon eyeshadow colors that were glitzy enough to glow when you went roller skating at the local rink to the glitter nail polish that you split multiple coats on all the time, sparkle wasn’ t simply cool, it was a must-have.   Great that you’ re an adult— with a full-time work and not attending sleepovers on the reg— you might have stepped far from your glittering habits. And maybe, you might have thrown out all of those items a long time ago when you declared to yourself (and to your parents) that you were a grown-up and well, those make-up tricks were for the kids.

Think again, sister!

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While you might not need to rock out with glitter during a board conference, job interview or a first date, a little dab of original appeal can go a long way, especially during the holiday season. After all, it definitely seems like the most magical time of year, don’ t ya think? Here’ s what you need about twinkling your way from Halloween to New Year’ s being an adult.

But Wait, Is definitely Glitter Even Trendy?

The short answer is simple: indeed. In fact , Jamie Greenberg , a celebrity makeup musician argues that frankly, glitter is one of those things that in no way quite goes away. “ Glitter comes in and out of pattern pretty much every other year. This year it’ s trending nowadays. I think people realize the fun effect it has upon makeup. Pat McGrath has reintroduced this trend too and that’ s opened up the conversation again, ” she says.

Now that’ t been settled, the second most important question is: Can you really put on glitter as an adult? And to this, we answer: heck, yeah.   Though you might not be able to go glitter-bombs-to-the-wall in every setting, Greenberg explains that the key to making your own twinkle game effective is to go minimal but daring. “ I think you have to be strategic in how you wear your own glitter. When you’ re younger you can pretty much break free with anything, ” she explains. “ When you grow older it’ s better to use glitter as a side dish… not the main meal! ”  

Need a bit more guidance on how to interject the shimmer into your routine? Here are a few tips:


Let the Lid Lead

For most looks— whether they’ re time or night— the eyes are the star of your encounter. Not only do they house your natural twinkle, but they would be the easiest to test and change. Greenberg suggests giving your cover the lead when using glitter: “ First I love to make use of glitter on the lid. Take a nice cream shadow make it all over the lid. Next tap glitter on the eyesight to seal the cream shadow, it also serves as a good adhesive, ” she says. But one essential, you-can’ t-skip-this point of advice? Greenberg says to replicate after her: “ Only makeup glitter! ” Build glitter is not only messy, but it could break you away, too.

Get Glitzy Along with Eyeliner

When you’ lso are glamming up for your office holiday party or booking your own all-inclusive tickets for New Year’ s, you can do your traditional going-out look but then take up the style with a single new addition: glitter eyeliner! This is a more subtle yet gorgeous way to let the lights shine on you and provide attention to your eyes. “ You can lay down a damp cream again as eyeliner and dab glitter on the top, ” Greenberg says.  

Or, Stick With a Subtle Shimmer

If all else fails, you can always go for a shimmery, metallic eye shadow. For this look, we love the gorgeous, iridescent finish associated with BY TERRY Impearlious Ombre Blackstar . Formulated with Tahitian black pearl, this rich and creamy eyeshadow stick offers luminous color and delivers light-reflecting radiance  (the glitter effect! )  with just one simple stroke. Incredibly effortless and mess-free to apply, this smudge- and smear-free eyeshadow instantly airbrushes out skin wrinkles and boasts buildable coverage— perfect for creating a subtle shimmer or a sparkling smoky eye!

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