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KoyVoca: The New, Black-Owned Beauty Brand Set to Blow Up

Though it’s getting a tiny bit better, there still do not get enough beauty brands that offer a wide range of foundation shades for those with more dark skin tones. KoyVoca is helping change that. Rather than one-color-fits-all “dark” or “deep” shade, the year-old, Wa, D. C. -based company is offering a whopping 21 colours to choose from. You’ll find hues in warm, cool, neutral, plus olive tones, so you’re sure to find something that mixes into your skin seamlessly. And that’s just the cream-to-powder foundation. Fairly impressive, right?

First discovered simply by essence. com , KoyVoca was started by Courtney Coates, who aimed in order to launch a line that’s affordable, but doesn’t compromise quality. She did just that, creating handmade, cruelty-free beauty products for dark brown skin that top out at just $16 (for the building blocks. ) Many of KoyVoca’s products are vegan, too. And it’s really not just foundation. KoyVoca solves the “nude” lipstick issue (you know, when a shade is basically only nude pertaining to light-skinned people) with eight different colors (priced at just $10).

Wish excited to try all six of the different highlighters, which usually cost $12 each.

And drooling over the four shades of the classic environment powder (for $10). How gorgeous?

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We haven’t attempted KoyVoca yet, but will be testing it soon. Come back for swatches and killer looks on a variety of darkish skin tones.

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