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Kylie Jenner Hair Vitamins | Should You Bother Getting It?

Have you heard about the Kylie Jenner hair vitamins?   For those who have but don’ t know much about it, you’ ve come to the right place. I’ ll try to help you choose whether it’ s worth your money and health!

You know, I realized something while trying to develop topics to write for you. I have been talking a lot about makeup ! Nicely, there’ s nothing wrong with that, especially now we’ re invited to parties and we need the right look for them. However , this blog is also about skin plus haircare. 😀 So for this post, I decided to create something that a lot of people have been asking me about. It’ s i9000 called Kylie Jenner hair vitamins.

Exactly what are these Kylie Jenner hair vitamins anyway?   Simply no, the youngest of the Jenner family hasn’ t integrated supplements in her brand. She’ s still directly into makeup like the girl bold lippies and   gorgeous eyeshadows . She’ s also planning on adding apparel to her products.

So what is this really? You’ ll learn very soon. *wink* Personally, I haven’ t tried, yet I’ ve already placed my order. I’ lmost all share my thoughts once I started taking all of them. What I did, though, is to gather as much information when i can online and place them here, so you can decide for your self if this is something you want to try too.

What Is This Vitamin?

image via sugarbearhair

The Kylie Jenner hair nutritional vitamins are actually called Sugarbear Hair.   The vitamins appear like gummy bears, which kind of reminds you of your childhood nutritional vitamins. Is this intentional? Perhaps. This is to encourage you to take the capsules consistently.

Nutrition Label | Kylie Jenner Hair Vitamins Should You Trouble Getting It?

image via amazon

Above could be the nutrition label of Sugarbear Hair. As you can see, you need to consider two gummy bears daily, although I know some people who have take more. It is marketed as gluten-free and vegetarian. it’ s furthermore cruelty-free (yehey! ). A number of these types of vitamins and other active ingredients such as coconut oil (which can be awesome for the pores and skin , by the way) are found in other supplements although in varying quantities. For example , check out its biotin, that is 5, 000 mcg or way more than the daily suggestion of around 300 mcg.

What is vitamin h? Also referred to as the H vitamin, it is one of the B-complex nutritional vitamins. It is responsible for a lot of vital body functions, including transforming food to energy and helping in fetal growth. It is also associated with treatment and control of diabetes, as well as situations affecting the hair and the skin.

Who Requires It?

 Kylie Jenner | Kylie Jenner Hair Vitamins In the event you Bother Getting It?

image via kyliejenner

Well, a lot of people! On Instagram, you can find already 32, 000 posts about it while its recognized page already has 1 . 2 million followers. It’ s also endorsed by celebrities like Kylie Jenner!

Vanessa Hudgens | Kylie Jenner Hair Vitamins Should You Bother Received it?

image via vanessahudgens

Aside from Kylie, other Kardashian sisters, Khloe plus Kim, also take the vitamins. Outside the Kardashian clan, you might have Vanessa Hudgens and definitely a whole lot more.

Celebrities have a big influence on a person’ s perception about a  brand name. My friend is crazy about Aveeno products since they’ lso are endorsed by Jennifer Aniston. There’ s also another who likes Kat Von D, which explains why she worships her makeup (although her collection is REALLY good).

And this is why I’ m torn. You see, Kardashians are a brand, and it’ s no secret these people get paid to advertise products. To be fair, Kylie is smart in order to label her Sugarbear Hair posts as ads. It’ s the same thing with Kim K.

However, you can’ t also help to think whether these types of girls are actually using the product or if they’ lso are exaggerating their claims.

What Does It Perform?

Treated Locks | Kylie Jenner Hair Vitamins Should You Bother Received it?

image via amythemermaidx

Sugarbear Hair promises the active ingredients can speed up hair regrowth, as well as create your hair stronger, shinier, and thicker.

There’ s an ongoing debate on the accuracy of these supposed advantages, but based on comments of users, this product can help (1) improve the texture and shine of color-treated hair . It is simply no easyfeat since color-treated hair requires a more expensive and tiresome maintenance.

Candy | Kylie Jenner Hair Vitamins Should You Bother Received it?

image via vale_caballero

The product tastes such as candy (particularly berries) and is delicious! Yeah, just like your own childhood vitamins. Making it palatable works wonders since various other vitamins for the hair can have a bad taste and odor, which increase the likelihood of you giving up even before you can see substantial results.

Hair Types | Kylie Jenner Hair Vitamins Should You Trouble Getting It?

image via heygorjess

It seems to operate for different kinds of hair. Curly hair , for one, can be difficult to manage, so curly hair reinforcements are welcome.

Thicker Hair | Kylie Jenner Hair Nutritional vitamins Should You Bother Getting It?

image via cypresso

It produces thicker locks. We girls love volume, and while you can achieve that with all the right hair product, making it look natural is still method better. Just imagine, you no longer have to worry about hair loss and you can wear more hairstyles .

Is It Cost-Effective?

Bottles | Kylie Jenner Hair Nutritional vitamins Should You Bother Getting It?

image via sugarbearhair

The product is available by membership: one month ($29. 99), three months ($82. 99), and 6 months (161. 99). You can make a one-time purchase here or even enroll in a recurring subscription. If you want freebies, get possibly the three-month or the six-month plans.

Every bottle contains 60 tablets, which means it is good for 30 days (check the serving size above again), and based on reading user reviews, a bottle is enough to see a noticeable difference. If you’ re going to ask me, these Kylie Jenner locks vitamins seem to have an excellent value for money.


Safety | Kylie Jenner Hair Vitamins Should You Bother Getting It? inch width=

picture via sugarbearhair

This is important! After all, you’ re going to ingest these Kylie Jenner hair vitamins . The product promises it is vegetarian plus gluten-free. It also doesn’ t contain gelatin. These are positive factors. Sugarbear Hair also said these vitamins have been examined several times for safety and effectiveness, although this nevertheless needs more proof.

When it comes to side effects, several complain about nausea, but other than that,   since vitamin h is water soluble, any excess is removed from your body through urination. That isn’ t exactly a bad issue, but this means if a substantial amount of biotin from the supplement is excreted, you’ re kind of wasting money.

Sugarbear Hair doesn’ t recommend taking the nutritional vitamins if you have a medical condition (get your doctor’ s authorization first! ) or allergic  to any of the ingredients, specifically biotin.

What are users saying regarding these Kylie Jenner hair vitamins? Well, you much better watch this video (she also has other length improvements you can check out so you’ ll know her progress):

Based on each one of these details, are the Kylie Jenner hair vitamins worth the particular hype? It looks like they are. Whether you read information from Amazon and elsewhere, the feedback has been extremely positive. If you aren’ t sure, start with an one-month bottle like what I am doing.

Notice, though, your health’ s safety should be a priority. In the event that you’ re suffering from a medical condition, make sure you consult your physician first before taking this supplement. If you’ re allergic to the of the ingredients, don’ t take it. Be gentle plus kind not only to your hair but also to your body.

Would you consider taking Kylie Jenner curly hair vitamins? Let me know what you think about this supplement by leaving your own comments below. For other hair-related problems, check this out !

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Featured image via sugarbearhair

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