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Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Are ColourPop Lipsticks?

Didn’ t get hold of Kylie Jenner Lip Kit? The wait is over. This particular conspiracy theory will surely save you hundreds of dollars.

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Dupes!

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Are usually ColourPop Lipsticks?

Alright folks. We have several love for Kylie Jenner. Despite the continual  criticism the lady and her family seem to come under (some which, y’ know… isn’ t great), she’ s nevertheless managed to take over the world with her fashion and make-up. And recently, she launched her Kylie Jenner Lip Kit  Candy K , and it sold out the first minute it launched. Ahuh.. plus we’ re so jealous. Girls all over the world are requesting more, patiently waiting on the next batch.

But what recently caught our attention is this conspiracy theory about her lip kit.   It states that Kylie Jenner Lip Kit are actually repackaged ColourPop Lipsticks , and this is not only a baseless theory.

According to Reddit , the rumor started to surface area soon after the lip kits all sold out in a single moment on Monday. Upset fans were begging for a fast restock (we’ ll be seeing more before Christmas) but savvy beauty bloggers noticed similarities in the pieces.

The ultrapopular NikkieTutorials   tweeted (and shortly deleted), “ Let’ s say you desire the kits but not spend the money, pay close attention to Colourpop’ ersus ‘ Clueless, ’ ‘ Beeper, ’ and ‘ Limbo. ‘” From here, the conspiracy theory spiraled uncontrollable. Read on to see the evidence.

-Emily Orofino

kylie Jenner lip kit

Pieces comparing the sold-out lip kits to the ColourPop tones (like this one) began to spread around Instagram such as wildfire. Before you point out that the top shades are especially various, keep in mind that the lighting, skin tone, and filters are all various.

… Read the associated with this theory on PopSugar. com!

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Editor’ s Note – This post was originally released in December 2015 and has been updated for quality plus relevancy.

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