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L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Waterproof Mascara


One side of the asymmetrical brush looks like a butterfly wing (hence the name), so the tiny plastic bristles are shorter at the very tip of the wand than at the base. The evenly spaced bristles deposit the glossy black formula without any clumps, and the handle of the wand is thick and easy to hold.


If we’re being honest, we’d sometimes rather risk raccoon eyes than face the potential pitfalls of waterproof mascara: dry, brittle lashes, removal that takes forever, irritated eyes, and oftentimes all this without any fabulous effect on our fringe. But this formula is nothing like its waterproof counterparts, starting with the asymmetrical brush. Winged on one side, it makes it easier than ever to reach each and every lash, even the teensy ones at the outer corners that we can never seem to coat completely. Also nice: The mascara neither looked nor felt clumpy or dry, even when we added a few coats (our tester found that it took at least two to achieve the desired lifted and lengthened effect). And as for its waterproofing abilities, the formula withstood a full-on face washing without even a hint of smudging or smearing, though a swipe of makeup remover took it right off, no excessive elbow grease required.


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