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Lancôme La Rose a Poudrer Is the Rose-Shaped Highlighter You’ve got a Knew You Needed

When I first laid eyes on the brand new Lancô me La Rose a Poudrer, I was immediately obsessed. As one of almost a dozen women in my family along with Rose in their names, I’m basically genetically predisposed to like all things rose. (I’m Devon Rose Abelman, for the positive record. ) This is included but not limited to rose gold makeup brushes and dusty rose-hued lip stick . This month, Lancô me’s gorgeous rose-shaped highlighter is launching, and it’s already blowing up Instagram.

If you haven’t see it yet, let me improve its beauty. A super soft and delicate faux increased with illuminating powder-infused petals sits inside a ’50s-style head wear box. (It’s smaller than an actual hat box, unless of course the hat was for, like, a very chic computer mouse. ) But unlike the undulating wave pattern upon Milani’s pretty palettes that we told you about earlier today, the shape from the rose doesn’t fade away with use. Instead, the went up stays completely intact, in all its ruffled glory, regardless of how many times you dip your blush brush into it. Now i’m slightly convinced Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli came back to life to design the Lancô me La Rose a Poudrer. I swear it offers their shared artistry written all over it.

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To use the rose-shaped highlighter, all you have to perform is swirl your brush atop the petals inside a circular motion, which coats the bristles in just the necessary the finely milled powder. Then, you brush this on your face as you would with any other standard, flat powder highlighter . After that, you can take all the flat lays with it. Here’s a video of it in action:

You’ll be able to shop the particular Lancô me La Rose a Poudrer for $60 on lancome-usa. com later this month, along with a number of other rose-themed products, including a kabuki brush, and some brand new shades of

. The collection is limited edition, so almost everything won’t be coming up roses at Lancô me counters permanently. Needless to say, we suggest adding the highlighter to your trolley while you can.

Now, watch 100 years of blush history:

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