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M.A.C. Halloween Makeup Artists Have a Viral Hashtag

Elaborate makeup looks are trending just in time for Halloween and M.A.C. Halloween makeup artists are slaying. Literally. Whether you’ve found yourself toying with the idea of designing a galaxy across your t-zone, shading in aqua-toned, fishnet-stenciled, mermaid-inspired “scales”, or, you know, just covering your entire face in glitter for the heck of it, even your most flawlessly Instagrammable attempts are about to be put to shame. The masters of the cosmetic Universe, aka M.A.C. senior artists, all participated in an epic M.A.C. Halloween makeup challenge, #MACSeniorArtistsSlayHalloween, and the results are even more insanely impressive than you’d expect.

The looks range from the glittery to the gory to the downright gorgeous. One M.A.C. senior artist, Ashley Rudder, created a “Glossy Sea Creature Fantasy” look, covering her model in red face paint, and using what appears to be a series of pearls and acrylic nails to create an ethereal aquatic look. Carol Mackie pulled off a zombie with a skin design that almost resembles marble, and Michelle Clark offered a sneak peek of what’s to come for the M.A.C. Halloween challenge by teasing a metallic, splatter-face paint lip look.

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We reached out to M.A.C. to get the inside scoop on the ghoulish undertaking. Turns out, it wasn’t something the company came up with at all. Instead it was the brainchild of senior artists Regan Rabanal and John Stapleton. The duo gave each senior artist three words or adjectives at random to inspire their looks, then everyone revealed their handiwork/horrorwork on October 16th. “John and I wanted to creatively challenge our team by randomly selecting words from a hat,” says Rabanal. “It started out as just something for the senior artists, but it’s been so great to see how M.A.C. teams across the nation are using our challenge to get inspired.” Keep checking out the looks as they creep, crawl, and ooze in with the hashtag #MACSeniorArtistsSlayHalloween (#seniorartistsslay has some good ones, too). “After fashion week, we wanted to get out of our own heads and be challenged in a new way,” Stapleton adds. “There’s something magical about being uncomfortable.”


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