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Make-up Brushes 101 | Detailed Guide On How To Use Your Established

This particular makeup brushes 101 guide  teaches everything you need to know about  your brushes. Do you have a ton of makeup brushes but seem to be confused about which is often used for what? It’ s important to know the purpose of every makeup brush and which ones you MUST  have inside your kit. We discuss ALL this and more in this post.

Makeup Brushes 101 | Detailed Guide On How To Occurs New Makeup Brush Set

Makeup junkie or not, we all get a little  excited when we get  the new set of makeup brushes . It inspires us to do more and challenges all of us to create new,   stunning makeup looks.   For me personally, when I get  a new set of makeup brushes, I  immediately feel like a professional makeup artist that can create masterpieces plus stunning looks.

When I received my Mieoko makeup brush set – I thought to myself, “ Finally! Something of high quality  to use other than my fingers and the ones little sponge sticks that come with my eyeshadow! ” Nevertheless , this was immediately followed by questions like, “ Which one will i use for what? ”

If you’ re a little lost too, we’ ve got you covered. In order to help all newbies out there, we found this comprehensive infographic that will help you get to know  each and every makeup brush within your new set.

Save it, pin this or have it printed!

makeup brushes 101

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Owning a new set of makeup brushes may present some  new challenges, but knowing each one’ s  use will help achieve the makeup look we now have always wanted! We hope this makeup brushes 101 guideline helped you figure out how to use yours!

What do you think? Do you have any makeup brush tips in your mind?


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Editor’ s Note – This post has been originally published in January  2016 and has been up-to-date for quality and relevancy.

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