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Make-up Product Review: Kylie Jenner’s ‘Exposed’ Lip Kit

When the young Jenner started to create her own makeup line, it totally produced a buzz in the makeup world. Like literally, each time she releases a new shade of her (matte, alloys and glosses) products, it’ s always sold out on her cosmetic line’ s internet site .

I must admit, I’ m not really a fan of Kylie’ s nor her lip products. But then, when she told the internet that she’ lmost all be having a new shade named “ Exposed” plus “ it’ s the best nude” she has ever utilized, I told myself I’ m gonna have to test that- and yasss, (with the help of my friend) I acquired one! Before I even got  this, I’ ve seen Kylie wearing it on her Snapchat and Instagram posts and I was convinced it was a great neutral color.   I’ ve never purchased any lip products before… Is it all hype or is it truly the best lip kit of all time? Let’ s find out.


I open the packaging, and just like her other Lips Kits I see on the internet, the individual box comes with  the lip liner and a liquid lipstick.


This is what it looks like once you open the box.


The lip liner that I wish it had been retractable.


The matte liquid lipstick – (the wand is fine! )

Kylie said that Uncovered is different than the rest of her other neutral shades. The lady added  that this one has an orange undertone for an extremely nude effect. And yes, I will agree to that.


Swatch for  the lip liner in two swipes.


Swatch for that liquid lipstick in one swipe.

Many people have reviewed this product, some liked it but other people didn’ t – and I’ meters one of them.

I honestly didn’ big t like the formula of both lip liner and liquid lip stick. The lip liner is creamy but it’ h not that pigmented when applied on the lips, as the liquid lipstick, it’ s drying – well,   of course it’ s matte  but the product description stated it has moisturizing ingredients and a silky feel, uhmm where did it go?

In comparison to Jeffree Star’ s Velour Liquid Lipstick in the shade Celebrity Skin , Kylie’ s Exposed is way too different. Obviously, they’ lso are totally different brands but I’ m talking about each water lipstick’ s  formula. Both are lightweight and a fairly neutral shade that sets into matte, but you won’ big t feel any cracking on your lips with Jeffree’ t Celebrity Skin  unlike  Kylie’ s Exposed which is uncomfortable to wear. I don’ t know about you, but because of this , I don’ t get why there are girls who’ s going gaga for this expensive product. I mean, you can still have a “ best” nude shade with other manufacturers out there that won’ t break your wallet and will also be comfortable to wear on your  lips.   The one thing I liked with Kylie’ s Exposed is the fragrance. It smells like a vanilla cupcake – sooo good I want to eat this.


(From Top to bottom) Kylie’ s Liquid lipstick, Lips liner, Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin


For Kylie’ s liquid lipstick:

  • Simple to apply with its soft wand
  • Smells excellent
  • Pigmentation is good with just one swipe
  • Smudge proof
  • Longevity is not asked since it lasted for several hours though it faded in the inner part of the lips but I think most liquid lipsticks are like that.

For Kylie’ s lip liner:

  • Rich and creamy and glides smoothly  on the lips
  • Odours great
  • Easy to sharpen (still wishing it’ s retractable)


For Kylie’ s liquid lip stick:

  • It’ s lightweight initially but not comfortable compared to Jeffree Star’ s Celebrity Epidermis, as if like you’ re not wearing anything on your own lips
  • drying ( where’ t did the moisturizing went? )
  • it’ s buildable but it feels   heavy whenever it’ s fully dry and I don’ t believe you wanted to add more dryness on your lips

For Kylie’ s lip lining:

  • Not pigmented enough

Overall, it’ s a good neutral shade  but  I don’ t think it would suit lots of people. I will only be keeping this product because it smells sweet  and also because I just helped Kylie buy another costly car. #sorrynotsorry


Me putting on the lip liner and liquid lipstick.

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