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Makeup Artist Creates Harley Quinn Costume Using Her Hijab

You don’t have to be familiar with Suicide Squad to know that Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie in the recent movie, is going to be huge this Halloween. With Google’s Frightgeist predicting that the supervillain will be the most popular costume this season, you can expect to see comic book fans and beauty buffs alike impersonating their best Harley Quinn.

But none of them will quite compare to 21-year-old Nora Belk, who already debuted her Halloween look to rave reviews. The makeup artist shared a pic of her Harley Quinn makeup to her Instagram and Reddit accounts earlier this week, though instead of Harley’s platinum blonde pigtails with washed out pink and blue ombré, Nora kept her hair covered with her hijab. Calling herself “Halal-ey Quinn” on Reddit, Nora stayed in character with a blue and red hijab (and some seriously impressive makeup).


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With Halloween just a few weeks away, all of the other Harley Quinns out there better step it up.

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