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Mammagard ™ Breast Protection and Comfort

All women’ t breasts need protection

Exactly what does a Mammagard do?

Mammagard™ is definitely an orthotic device for women scientifically proven to stop breasts through being compressed or displaced when laying facedown.

Why use a Mammagard™?

Mammagard™ devices improve the care, comfort and therapeutic results of your clients. Patients with augmented or reconstructed boobies need to protect the human tissue surrounding the implant.

These MRIs below demonstrate breast compression plus displacement in a patient with unilateral mastectomy and renovation with an implant.


Multiple sizes and stiffness options are available for differing breast size, protection needs plus individual preference.

For a treatment room establishing, there is a Clinician Pack of 5 (ideal for little clinical environments) or a Complete Kit of all 16 products for large clinics and optimum fitting.

What enviroments can mammagard devices be used within?

Manual therapy, lounging, sleeping, working out or in surgical and clinical settings.

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