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Mums Day Beauty Tips from Mommas Around the World

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Mom knows best, right? Especially when it comes to beauty. Check out these types of Mother’ s Day beauty tips from moms across the world.

Have you ever heard your mom say this famous line: “ Trust me. Mother knows best”? Now can you remember all the times you ignored her wise advice?

Tips and advice to naturally condition and care for your hair.


Don't let yourself get caught short with dull colour and unruly hair.

Turns out, all of her bossing and nagging was more that; it was guidance. Moms are our first instructor, after all. But , of course , this isn’ t something you recognize until you have kids of your . It’ s only then that “ mom’ s nagging” become’ s “ mom’ ersus words of wisdom”.

To celebrate Mother’ s Day (don’ t forget to call mom, alright? ), here’ s a collection of useful beauty tips through moms who really do know best.

These types of beauty tips are worth trying; after all, what do you need to lose, right?

one It’ s all about the hair!

According to At the Angell, Allure contributor, her mom isn’ t the type to dish beauty tips. However , a piece of advice she’ ll always remember is: If you have great locks, you can keep the rest simple . Though her mother didn’ t wear makeup, she did spend a lot of money on her hair, so never underestimate the magic of a pretty haircut .


Sometimes, all you need is a great haircut. | Image via Allure

second . Don’ t forget the neck!

Alexandra Tunell’ s, beauty editor for Harper’ s Bazaar, greatest beauty advice she ever received from her mom:   “ Take care of your neck. You never think about your neck until it’ s too late . ”

Truer words were never spoken. Your own neck doesn’ t produce its own moisture, it’ s i9000 imperative you keep your neck of the guitar moisturized from an early age to prevent wrinkles.


Avoid good lines in the future by keeping your neck moisturized today.

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