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nine Brilliant Ways to Save on Beauty Products

There’ s a particular joy to be had when you’ re shopping for beauty products you know your skin will love. Even more so if you get to go home with the ideal MLBB lippy or can’ t-live-without foundation at a cheaper price! Because let’ s face it, if there’ s only one thing us girls love more than purchasing our favorite things, it’ s doing so without making the wallets weep. But while you may have already memorized all of the holiday and annual sales of your favorite stores, you may still find plenty of ways beauty aficionados can splurge on their epidermis while saving those bills! Curious? Read on because we’ ve gathered tried-and-tested saving tips from beauty blog owners, makeup lovers and shopping experts!

1 . Sign Up for Newsletters, Rewards Programs and Other On the internet Exclusives

If you’ lso are a fan of shopping from the comforts of your own home (or mattress, let’ s be real), then you probably know your path around online stores. Shopping online is a great way to save extra bucks from exclusive offers, first purchase discounts, email signups and flash product sales. Beauty publicist Sakita Holley , founder and CEO of New York-based PR company House of Success, suggests registering for newsletters right away if your favorite store or even brand has one “ as that is where the coupon codes or discounts are usually announced. ” Don’ t wish to overwhelm your inbox? That’ s fine. Holley states you can still get first dibs on flash product sales and coupons by turning on your favorite store’ s i9000 Instagram notifications.

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Rewards plus loyalty programs are another great way to complete out of every dollar you spend. Aside from letting you earn redeemable factors, most online retailers also offer additional members-only discounts on top of the typical deals.

Dermstore Editors’ Suggestion:   Dermstore Rewards   lets you earn 5 points for every dollar you spend upon Dermstore. com. For every 100 points, you get $1 to invest on any beauty product of your choice— no exeptions! Plus, you can use your rewards on top of other offers plus promotions.

2 . Test All the Samples

Whether they’ re high-end or drugstore brands, makeup counters (and beauty sites) often come loaded with samples for customers to test before investing in an expensive product. All you have to do is request them! “ This is what I do especially when it comes to skin care, ” says makeup artist and beauty blogger Hillary Kline . “ Skin care could be pricey, and when you have sensitive or acne-prone skin such as mine, you want to make sure that your skin doesn’ t have a bad reaction before buying the full-sized bottle. ”

Plenty of online stores also offer free gifts along with purchase , and although not all gifts are created similar, these could be great incentives especially if the item you have to purchase and the free products are something you need anyway.

  3.   Buy in Bulk

It’ s i9000 no secret that almost every store gives great deals if you do buy items in large quantities, and it’ s the same for beauty items. “ This might seem counterproductive to some, but you are actually saving cash in the long run, ” says Kline. “ I do this frequently on makeup remover pads and wipes— it’ s i9000 better to buy these in bulk because I know that I uses them quickly, and it’ s also an essential section of taking off my daily makeup. ”

“ Bulk items or sizes can last for months at a time plus help you cut down on the discretionary purchases and random journeys to the store that could result in way more things ending up inside your cart than you intended, ” adds Holley.

Dermstore Editors’ Tip:   Did you know you can save an additional 15% when you subscribe to your favorite products on Dermstore. possuindo? Plus, your products will be automatically shipped  to you— for free, of course— according to your desired schedule, therefore you’ ll never have to worry about running out of your favorites!

  4.   Find the Right Extensions

Not really for your hair but for your browser! This is probably the best tip on this list and one we don’ t listen to often: when shopping online, switch to Chrome and update this with shopping-friendly extensions like Ebates and Coupon Log cabin. “ With the Ebates desktop extension, you’ ll get an alert that a cash back offer is available, and with Coupon Log cabin, you’ ll be alerted to both coupons plus cash back offers. All you have to do is click on the banner in order to activate the offer, ” explains smart shopping professional Trae Bodge .

5. Remember November

You’ ll come across plenty of flash offers and special discounts when you shop online, but beauty tumblr Sharvonique Renee has a favorite time of the year to hoard her preferred products. “ November is the best month to buy makeup since it has the biggest sales. That’ s usually when Buddies & Family sales happen along with Black Friday plus Cyber Monday deals. I typically save as much as 30% to 50%. ” And if you’ re the type who seem to schedules one or two yearly shopping sprees instead of multiple randomly purchases, this is definitely the best time to get the most bang for your buck.

6. Save and Swap

If you’ re a big enthusiast of lipstick and go through several tubes a year, after that makeup artist and hair stylist Mindy Green, proprietor of MG Beauty , has a beauty saving tip for you that’ s furthermore eco-friendly: save your empty containers and swap them to a new item at makeup counters. Not all brands get this kind of recycling program, so if you’ re not sure, simply shoot them a message and ask. Other brands also allow you to buy refills of certain products (like foundations), therefore it pays to keep those containers to save on packaging costs. In case you bought something that you suddenly regret or doesn’ big t agree with your skin, don’ t throw them out at this time! Just bring them back to the store as most retailers would have not a problem accepting returns as long as they’ re still in great condition.

7. Know Your own Dupes

You know this battle: you have expensive taste that your budget can’ t pay for. You’ ve tried hoarding all the samples you can get both hands on, but it’ s been your fifth “ sampling trip” and the lady at makeup counter is certainly starting to get suspicious. There has to be another way, right? Well, that’ s what dupes are for! Almost every high-end make-up product out in the market today has a wallet-friendly twin simply waiting to be discovered. “ Just because a designer brand much more expensive doesn’ t mean that they are better. There are excellent lower-priced  products that work just as good as high-end manufacturers, ” says makeup artist Sandy Taylor, editor in Foundation Fairy . And when you don’ t have the time to scour the beauty areas for the perfect dupe, you can always turn to the Internet. “ There is a ton of websites and tutorials on YouTube that will help you look for a dupe product, ” adds Kline.

8. Hunt for Ingredients

If you’ re a skin care fanatic, you know just how expensive it can be especially if you follow a complete regimen that requires a number of products to treat specific concerns and address different requirements. And sometimes, we only get visible results from items that are a bit out of our reach budget-wise. So what’ s a girl to do? Simple: do some digging and find the particular active ingredients in that pricey night cream your skin craves. “ Go to a website that provides all the ingredients for beauty products plus copy the first five ingredients in a product you’ lso are interested in. Then paste those ingredients into Google plus you’ ll often find less expensive options, ” states fashion and lifestyle writer, blogger and book publicist Andrea Kiliany Thatcher, author of Atelier to Catwalk .

9. Go to the Dollar Store for Basics

Every smart shopper knows that the dollar shop is the best place to get some of your basic household needs— whether or not its home dé cor, cleaning products, party materials or greeting cards. But if you live by the mantra “ elegance on a budget” and are all for drugstore brands, the particular dollar store could open up a whole new world of options for you. “ Consider buying supplies like cotton tennis balls and hair clips at the dollar store. You can find simple goodies for a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere, ” says Taylor.

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