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nine Ways To Look Good While Camping Just Because You Can!

Deb o you want to look good while camping?   Obviously you do! Here’ s how.  

While putting the words “ gorgeous” and “ camping” in one sentence feels like a paradox, the females at Makeup Lessons   like to approach any topic with all the mentality that nothing is impossible.

Sure, you might give up a few beauty tools when you go on a journey to learn the inner workings of Mother Nature but that doesn’ t mean you have to look unpleasant while doing it.

Today, we have the tips and tricks that will keep your back pack light and still look good while getting your camp on.


Ready to appear fierce whilst exploring the wilderness?

Ready, set, camp.

1 . Go with BB Cream


BB cream gets the job done. image through Cocorosa

Traversing the woods may not be the best time to put on foundation. Nevertheless , if you can’ t live without wearing makeup, then you definitely should opt for a BB cream instead. Not only will the particular BB cream provide lightweight coverage, it will keep your epidermis moisturized and protection from the sun.

2 . Go through the Basics


Go with an au naturale look.

Usually, I’ d advice you to stick with BB lotion as your only makeup while camping, but I also understand a lot of people wouldn’ t be content with simply a BB cream.

To appear a bit more made up, we always recommend keeping those eye brows on point. Whether you decide to fill them in delete word, a perfectly shaped eyebrow is all you need to glamp effectively. As for your eye makeup, keep it plain. Steer clear of eyeshadow plus mascara (even water-proof mascara can be a pain); stick with the waterproof eyeliner to give the eye some definition or, to maintain things really simple, a lash curler is more compared to enough.

For cheeks, a light pink rose will do. Stay away from bronzers and highlighters — these are unnecessary products that don’ t belong on a camping vacation. For lips, your favorite SPF lip balm is the best option. The tinted lip balm we’ ve been caring is Burt’ h Bees Lip Shimmer in Raisin .

3. Bring Makeup Remover Wipes


Makeup removers wipes are your camping trip’ s best friend. picture via Into The Gloss

You probably won’ t have easy access to water , so to remove your makeup, rely on your reliable makeup remover wipes to do the job. In addition to removing your own makeup, they’ ll also remove any dirt plus oil (two things you’ ll get plenty of whilst camping).

We want you to look and odor good, so don’ t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.

4. Dry Shampoo to get Greasy Hair


Dry shampoo helps you to save your hair when camping.

If you don’ t have access to a shower, that’ s shouldn’ t become a problem since you have your trusty dry shampoo along with you. Greasy hair can dampen anyone’ s spirits, yet thankfully there’ s dry shampoo to soak everything up and leave you with fresh tresses.

5. Wear a Simple Hairstyle


Wear an easy-to-do hairstyle pertaining to camping trips.

Speaking of hair, it’ s best to go for a simple hairstyle , one that is easy to keep. Simple hairstyle ideas are a ponytail with a hat or even bandana for added style, or a braid. Whatever hair you go with, keep it simple!

6. Package Lightly


Stick to the essentials  when packing your bag.

When I say pack lightly, I literally mean package light clothes. The woods or mountains are very unwelcoming in order to heels and purses so there’ s no cause to bring them with you on your camping trip.

What you do need to bring are tank tops, shorts (no denim please), athletic wear (ones made of Dry-Fit or even synthetic fabrics because they dry quickly), flannel, and sandals. If you pack lightly, you’ ll have more room to create other essentials like rain boots and coat, outdoor camping shoes and a first aid kit.

7. Provide Quick Drying Undies


These quick-drying undergarments can save your life.

We could’ ve talked about undies in the earlier number, but I think it deserves its own section right here.

Let’ s be honest here, a person can’ t go the entire camping trip wearing 1 pair of underwear. You shouldn’ t have to unless that’ s your thing, at which point we’ ll make you alone and say, “ Get on with your bad ol’ self. ” Thankfully, there are quick-drying undergarments out there which make washing and drying while camping a cinch.

8. No to Fragrances!


Bugs are attracted to fragrances so steer clear of them.

Please don’ t wear anything with a scent or fragrance this in like cologne, perfume, makeup or even scented soap . Not what you want to do is attract bugs which, ironically enough, may be the first thing that happens when you wear fragrance. So for everyone’ s sake, and your own, stay unscented.

9. Get Some Sleep


Doze off and get some beauty sleep.

The first night of camping can be an anxiety-ridden headache filled with creaky branches, crunching leaves and animal sounds from the deepest bowels of hell. While sleeping in the backwoods can be a bit scary, relax and trust that absolutely nothing will happen to you. Also, the less sleep you get, the particular duller your skin will appear the morning after.

So our camping words of wisdom? Enjoy your own beauty sleep in the great outdoors.

Camping must be fun; not a punishment in which makeup and stylish clothing is prohibited. Getting out of your comfort zone is good every once in a while plus it’ s an opportunity to spend quality time with people you love.

Here’ s to roughing it while each and every!

Want to conquer glamping like Tom Haverford? Watch the video below.

Share your glamping tips with us in the responses below or via Facebook . We want to know how our readers remain glam while roughing it in the wild.

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