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Place Art Grunge Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial


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Join the particular DC Universe with this pop art Harley Quinn make-up tutorial. Aside from being Joker’ s sidekick, her in a lather, yet feminine image has tickled a lot of us makeup geeks into recreating her playful look.

Take Art Grunge Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial
Be prepared with this cute and fun Harley Quinn makeup tutorial…

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There have been various interpretations uploaded online, yet this pop art makeup tutorial by artist Michael jordan Hanz tops the list. Here’ s how you can get that will Harley Quinn’ s Suicide Squad look:

What You’ ll Need to do the Pop Art Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial:



Blue Eyeshadow

Reddish Eyeshadow

Black Eyeshadow

Mehron Water Activated Body Paint (White, Black, Red, Blue)

Step 1 : Start With The Canvas

Apply your usual foundation and conceal unwanted scars. You can go lighter or darker than your skin firmness. However , Harley Quinn is fair so it might be a much better representation of the character if you stick to lighter shades. Don’ t forget to set with a setting powder in order to keep the item in place.

Step 2: Add Dimension to Your Encounter

Add in your contour lines to give the face dimension. The contour will serve as a guide for the vibrant lines needed for this look.

Step 3: Color ‘ Em Eyes!

Follow with Harley Quinn’ s signature pop art blue and red eyeshadows by pressing an electric blue shade to your left eyes and a blue-based red eyeshadow on your right. Starting with the particular outer corner, concentrate the makeup pigments, and smudge towards the inner corner, sweeping down to your lower cover. Harley Quinn’ s eye shadow in the Suicide Team movie is spread out to the outer corner, but for the objective of a grungy look, this tutorial tells you to bring this down to the where it meets your cheek region.

Step 4:

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