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Rainbow Highlighter is Back For Just $5

I don’t care for subtlety when it comes to makeup. Give me glittery shadow, navy lipstick, and purple eyeliner, and I’m a happy girl. Obviously rainbow highlighter, or a powder highlighting palette than has vivid multiple colors, fits into my aesthetic perfectly. So when beauty enthusiasts were collectively pumped about the launch of said product earlier this year, I never wanted anything so bad since that time I begged my parents to let me take home a puppy from the farm down the street. (I was successful. His name is Bruno, and he’s the most handsome dog in the world.) The thought of having my cheekbones look like they were kissed by rainbows with the help of Bitter Lace Beauty’s Prism highlighter thrilled me. Sadly, all the hype led to Prism selling out before I could get my hands on it. (And I wasn’t about to buy a fake.) Wet n Wild is here to finally make my multicolored highlighter dreams come true. Yesterday, they released the Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter in—wait for it—Unicorn Glow. (Best. Name. Ever.) It includes six colors, covering most of ROYGBIV.

As a fan of outside-of-the-box highlighters like purple and pink (I’ll leave gold and nude to the contouring queens of Instagram), I’m excited to explore the green and blue territory. Wet n Wild recommends applying the rainbow highlighter with a fan brush to make the colors pop. I’m definitely getting mine, the

, cleaned and ready. The best part: It’s only $5. So if you hate it, your bank account won’t shed a single tear. (But I really don’t think I’m going to hate it.)

Unfortunately, the highlighter is already sold out on Wet n Wild’s website. In the meantime, you can sign up on the site to be notified when they restock. In an Instagram post, they didn’t give an exact date but noted, “We’re restocking as quickly as we can! Stay close to all of our socials to be the first to know.” If you’re desperate, Forever 21 has something similar for $5.90. We can’t guarantee it will have the same unicorn realness.

Now, watch how to contour your cheeks:

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