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Reina Rebelde Celebrates Latina Beauty With New Cosmetics Collection

Makeup is often celebrated as a form of self-expression, but you’d be hard pressed to see mainstream beauty considered a type of cultural expression . Till Reina Rebelde hit the scene, that is. The new elegance brand— whose name translates to “rebellious queen” in English— aims to celebrate the unique beauty of Latina women . Launched a few months ago by previous corporate lawyer Regina Merson, the cosmetics company is usually on a mission not only to provide flattering cosmetics for Latina women , but also in order to unite all of the mujeres from all Latina cultures with the medium of makeup.

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In an interview with elle. com , Mexican-born Merson described that Reina Rebelde was incepted, in part, by the girl experiences with beauty as a child. “I was five years of age, living in Mexico, and I’d watch my mom get ready to visit out with friends, ” she recalled. “She appeared so beautiful!… We love the ritual of beauty, through finding the ideal shade to perfecting the technique which you learned from your mother or aunt. It’s carried straight down through generations. I’ve seen this with all of the Latinas inside my life. ”

Although the brand is just a few months old, Reina Rebelde is growing rapidly, boasting a lot more than 4, 700 Instagram followers in its short lifespan. Even though that may seem like a paltry amount of IG followers for some, it’s not RR’s social media presence that has the beauty world humming: It’s the social conversation the products have created instead. We have seen brands target both Caucasian and African-American ladies with specific, skin-flattering makeup, but this is the first selection geared toward Latina women.

We don’t have checked out the brand for ourselves yet, but Instagram posts give us a heads up that the items are totally worth trying (the colors, especially the particular $16 Bold Color Lip stick Crayon , are saturated and stunning). Check out a few of the brand’s posts below and head here to shop the empowering brand new collection for yourself.

Today watch as this mother-daughter duo talks about embracing cultural details:

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