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Rimmel London Only 1 Matte Lipstick Will Be the Only One You Keep Within your Purse This Year

When a Best of Beauty-winning drugstore lipstick brand name comes out with its first collection of mattes, the particular Rimmel London Only 1 Matte Lipstick, we pay attention. This past year, a Rimmel London lip stick won best nude for medium epidermis, and this year, we’re guessing one of the shades of the brand-new Only 1 Matte Lipstick might be a major contender, too.

Let’s start with the application. The texture from the lipstick definitely leans toward the drier side— even though body heat does warm the pigment and prevent this from dragging. A dry texture is oftentimes a very important thing, because it means the formula isn’t going to transfer following a single sip of coffee, so no major factors deducted there. But combine that tacky texture with all the flat, rounded top, which is a little tricky to wheel around, swing around, turn around, spin around the divot of the Cupid’s bow, and it’s fair to express applying the new matte Rimmel lipstick takes a little used to. (I, for one, generally prefer creamier formulas that will dry down matte, and a pointier, more tapered finish for precision. ) However , what the Rimmel matte lip stick lacks in initial texture it makes up for in spades via the ah-mah-zing color payoff. One swipe is all you need to achieve a solid, opaque finish. You can even build it up using a second coat to amp up the intensity of the tone. In fact , there’s a bright grape shade called Run the particular Show that, though it looks incredible with a single, two swipes makes it a stunner. (Just ask the little sister. )

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Once the lipstick is on, this stays on using a powder-like finish. You can scarf down a greasy cut of cheese pizza or delicately sip on a matcha latte, and you also won’t have to rush to the bathroom to reapply. The particular Rimmel London Only 1 Matte Lipstick will more or less remain put. If anything, the product leaves behind a bold spot that looks like it’s still on your lips. (Trust all of us, we tried it out with latkes and beef roasts beef. ) TBH what more could you want from a dull lipstick that comes in bullet form, versus a paint-on tube? That’s the kind of staying power that you typically have to holiday resort to liquid lipstick to achieve. (And while we’re on the subject, let’s keep in mind this apocalypse-proof one. )

The new drugstore lip stick comes in a whopping ten shades. We’re partial to Higher Flyer (a mauve rose) and The Matte Factor (a berry) at the moment, but there are several red, nude, and coral reefs shades to choose from, too. You can buy all of the new Rimmel Greater london Only 1 Matte Lipstick shades now for $6. 99 on ulta. possuindo and at your local drugstore.

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