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seven Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Guaranteed To Drop Jaws

It’ s not a real Mardi Gras celebration without having some gorgeous Mardi Gras makeup looks to get you motivated! Today, it’ s all about splashing some color plus calling attention to your eyes!

It’ s i9000 Mardi Gras Makeup Time!

Mardi Gras is on February 28th and even if you aren’ to heading to New Orleans to partake in the festivities, you are able to still celebrate in the comfort of your own home with a number of friends. Regardless of whether you’ re going out or staying in, these types of mardi gras-inspired makeup tutorials will keep your look on stage all night long. These looks are colorful, flirty, plus everything your Mardi Gras look should be.


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1 . Flirty and Coy

Flirty and Coy | Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Guaranteed To Drop Jaws
image via Ellarie

The things i love most about this look is the pop of precious metal in the sea of purple. This is perfect for a toned-down Mardi Gras or even a Laker’ s Game Day appear.


2 . A Touch of Down

A Touch of Feathers | Mardi Gras Make-up Looks Guaranteed To Drop Jaws
image via Make-up Geek

Aching for some thing a little more over the top? Put on a few feathers and be one of the most unforgettable faces of the holiday!


3. Stunning Mardi Gras

Stunning Mardi Gras | Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Guaranteed To Drop Jaws
image via BeatFaceHoney

I really like how each and every color seamlessly blends into one another with this look. It’ s absolutely gorgeous. The secret to this is in the blending of the eyeshadows , ladies. So get practicing with your favorite eye shadow brush!


4. Almost everything Glitter

Everything Glitter | Mardi Gras Makeup Appears Guaranteed To Drop Jaws
image through Steal The Look

One of my guilty pleasures about Mardi Gras is how it’ s never a criminal offense to wear too much color and glitter! I love how the trend is so captivating. It’ s as if everything’ s performed right — the colors, the placement, and even the particular texture of the glitter!


5. Tantalizing Eyes

Tantalizing Eyes | Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Guaranteed To Drop Jaws
image via Linda Hallberg

In my opinion, it’ s best to show off your Mardi Gras art together with your hair pulled back. Of course , you’ d want everybody to see your masterpiece, ladies. You’ ve worked difficult blending in the colors of deep purple, sea eco-friendly, and canary yellow, and it shows!


6. Subtle Mardi Gras

Subtle Mardi Gras | Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Guaranteed To Fall Jaws
image through Kayleigh Noelle

Even if Mardi Gras is known for being outrageous, it’ s quite understandable that this might not be for everyone. In order to join in on the festivities while keeping a low-profile, this is actually the look for you. It’ s subtle but it’ ersus still got its own pop of color!


7. Like A Rainbow

Like the Rainbow | Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Guaranteed To Fall Jaws
image through Linda Hallberg

Isn’ t this look just so quite to look at?! I don’ t know about you but I’ d be down to recreate this look even if it isn’ t Mardi Gras day. I’ d probably have got everybody staring at my eyelids the whole time!

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Ladies, before I forget about, let me remind you to look after your skin   especially after all the heavy Mardi Gras makeup. As tempting as it may be to just call it up a day after all the festivities, we all know that we’ deb be doing our future selves a huge favor whenever we take off all the makeup and do our nightly cleansing schedule before going to sleep. You won’ t regret this, I promise!

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