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seven Surprising Beautyblender Facts You Won& #039; t Think

We should understand all of the Beautyblender facts backwards, forwards, and inside out chances are, since the revolutionary makeup applicator is a seven-time winner of our own annual Best of Beauty Honours . If that doesn’ t prove our adore for it, we don’ t know what will. Who understood that a little sponge could have such a huge impact on the particular makeup world? Not makeup artist and Beautyblender founder Rea Ann Silva, who just wanted to find a way to make makeup look great on high-definition television. Though it’ s been the staple in makeup bags everywhere since 2007, there’ s still more to know (and love) about the well-known sponge. So we asked Silva to tell us what actually diehard fans might not know. Prepare to get (beauty) trained with these Beautyblender facts that you probably haven’t heard prior to.

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1 . It’ s not a normal makeup sponge. (Well, duh. )

Unlike traditional makeup sponges, the Beautyblender is hydrophilic, a fancy word that means it’s designed to absorb drinking water. Back in 2007, most makeup sponges were designed to really repel moisture, with the logic being that a soaked cloth or sponge meant product lost. But if you wet the Beautyblender first (which, FYI, you’ re supposed to do before you utilize it if you read the instructions), it soaks up the water therefore there’ s no room left in it to absorb your own foundation, too. The

: a serious step up in the makeup-sponge— plus makeup— world.

2 . It was developed during a special-effects makeup class.

Since Silva put in a ton of work as the makeup artist on television sets throughout her career, it’ s not a huge surprise that she ended up having a class about special-effects makeup while in the biz. During that course, the teacher began to talk about cutting sponges as a part of a strategy. That was Silva’ s lightbulb moment. “ I was completely enraptured and I thought, oh my god, this could be this, ” she tells Allure . After that, Silva began experimenting with different sponge shapes till she settled on the signature silhouette of the 2016 Best of Beauty winner for make-up sponge — and stayed true to it, even if releasing spin-off items like the


(Also, the pro collection is crazy chic. )

3. Speaking of television, the OG Beautyblender was first examined on the set of Girlfriends .

Want to know how Tracee Ellis Ross looked so poreless and perfect when she starred on the television show Girlfriends , pre- Blackish years? You can at least, in part, credit the particular first-ever prototype of the Beautyblender. Silva was working on the particular show at the time and used it to apply and touch-up the particular makeup of the four female stars. How Ross’ s i9000 skin still looks so good today: Probably the Beautyblender, in the event that we’ re making an educated guess. But of course Ross is the OG, right? She would be. (And we just mean that in the absolute BEST way).

four. And its signature bright pink color? Total accident.

When she was developing the Beautyblender, Silva focused on perfecting the texture and the shape of the particular sponge— but not so much on the color. (She hadn’ big t even considered it. ) But the lab sent the girl a prototype in the now-iconic pink shade and Silva was hooked. “ They told me to ignore the colour, ” she says. “ But I saw the fluorescents pink and it made me so happy. ” In the event that’ s not fate, we don’ t understand what is. To us, that pink is more iconic compared to millennial pink — we’d argue “Beautyblender pink” deserves its own Pantone chip .

(ICYMI, you can get the sponge as well as its matching cleanser together if you nab the

. )

5. It isn’t meant to be used only along with liquid formulas— the Beautyblender works wonders with power products, too.

If you were under the impact that blending any kind of powder, blush, or contour natural powder using the editor-favorite Beautyblender would muddy up your powder (guilty as charged), you don’ t have to worry. “ With pressed natural powder, brushes are like little brooms, ” explains Silva, just sweeping product around, rather than evenly blending it plus usurping its oil-controlling properties. But when you employ the assistance of the Beautyblender, you can “ focus on the areas where you want to eliminate shine. ” So long as you give your sponge a good press to wring out excess water before first swipe, there isn’ t enough moisture in it to mess up your favorite bronzer , TBH.

6. Don’t just use it to utilize your makeup— it can help refresh your look throughout the day as well.

7. Oh, and the Beautyblender brand is certainly not stopping along with just sponges.

Obviously, we kept the best news for last, so get ready. “ I believe the next phase for me would be to create the ultimate complexion makeup for your ultimate complexion tool , ” says Silva. Our money’ s on base (a total guess, but not crazy considering that was the authentic reason for its invention), but really, we’ d get anything Silva creates. While she tells us she doesn’ t have a timeline yet, new product is on the horizon. Read that right, Beautyblender fans: There are brand-new Beautyblender products on the way— and you read it on allure. com first.

Bonus: There’s some Beautyblender in the December Draw Beauty Box .

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