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Shea Butter Moisturizer | DIY Skin Care Recipes

Shea butter is the perfect ingredient for those with dry skin,and all other skin types for that matter. It is packed with natural vitamins and fatty acids guaranteed to nourish and moisturize the skin. Studies also show that shea  butter has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you cant afford those pricey moisturizers at the drugstore, don’t worry, we can show you how to create your very own, all-natural moisturizer using shea butter and other organic ingredients!

Diy Skin Care Products and Recipes

Shea Butter Moisturizer | Project 3

The 3rd diy project of our natural skin care series is a moisturizer! You’ve cleansed the skin, you’ve toned the skin, the final step is moisturizing the skin. Making your own moisturizer is easy and cost effective. Here we use African shea butter as our super moisturizing all natural ingredient. You can even customize it to meet your needs based on scent preference, and skin type. Refer to our previous lessons on skin type to figure out what essential oils would work best for you. Or follow along with the ingredients given for a generic and wonderful smelling moisturizer.

For natural shea butter moisturizer, you will need:

  • Shea Butter
  • Almond Oil
  • Lavender, rosemary, tea tree, & orange Essential Oils

This is Project 3, our 3rd and final project, of our Diy Natural Skin Care Recipes Online Course. Be sure to watch our whole series for natural home remedies for skin care. Our host, Olivia, explains the best skin care regimen, special treatments for dry skin, acne treatments, and treatments for oily skin.

Among the lessons, we’ve also thrown in some recipes so you can make your own all natural organic skin care products at home.


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