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six Morning-After Beauty Hacks (Because You Had a Great Night)

Let’s face it— we’ve all experienced those kinds of evenings, at the very least) that have us in need of morning-after attractiveness hacks . When an individual has had a great time out— and maybe, just maybe, went house with a stranger— enlist our expert- and editor-approved guidelines for looking flawless no matter how little sleep you’ve gotten. (Also, regardless of time spent in the sack. )

For beard burn: Acquire some Marc Jacobs Elegance Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector in Cover(t) Affairs — it hides everything, “ including regret, ” jokes makeup artist Robin Black.

For hickeys, nip marks, and whatever else falls into this category (we encourage you to use your imagination): A heavy duty concealer, like

, will cover it seamlessly and easily.

For puffiness: Black leans on Clarins Shaping Facial Lift Total V Contouring Serum . “ It tightens up the jawline and enables you to look better, especially if you’ re a late-night individual, ” she says. (Check out more ways to shape your various other V-spot . )

You’ve also gotta notice these beauty hacks Allure editors have LOLed at, tried, or just flat-out, totally denied:

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For undereye circles: Dark advises dabbing on Hansderma SkinCool Ice Roller out of the refrigerator (if you’re able to stow it there), then tapping around the Sisley Black Rose Lotion Mask . There’s also this janky hack: A chilly can of Diet Coke works pretty well, too. (We also swear by these undereye concealers , for what it’s worth. )

For rope burns: If you’ re advanced enough to be holding around impromptu-sex rope, you really don’ t need all of us. (Really, color us impressed. Because in that case, what morning-after beauty tips? )

Now learn the reasons why Vaseline should be every single beauty lover’s secret weapon:

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