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Summer season Makeup Tips For Glowing Skin

Would like to get glowy but not greasy skin this summer? I have the perfect summer season makeup tips for you.

Easy Summer Make-up Tips To Get Your Glow On

There isn’ t an one size fits all solution to makeup since we all have different skin chemistry and features in case you heed these simple tips, it’ ll maintain your skin looking glowy all summer long – and also long after. Check them out now!


Hydrate | Easy Summer Makeup Tips To Get Your Shine On
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Always. Whatever you do, whatever you eat, shows up on your pores and skin. So if you want your skin to look healthy and supple, consume plenty of water, and eat plenty of water-rich fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, kiwi, etc . Trust me, your skin will shine and radiate an inner healthiness to it.


Moisturize | Easy Summer Makeup Tips To Get Your own Glow On
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No matter how oily you are, you need to moisturize . Frequently, sebum is a skin defense mechanism for not being correctly hydrated and moisturized. Keep it to a minimum by maintaining hydrated and moisturized. If you are oily, get a water-based lotion that will easily sink into the skin without the greasy really feel. It’ s all about a matter of picking the right type of item for your skin.


Protect | Simple Summer Makeup Tips To Get Your Glow On
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Sunscreen. We all need it. If you aren’ t using this religiously, you have to start now, you can thank myself 20 years later. Putting on sunscreen protects your skin from numerous signs of aging like wrinkles, age spots, and dull shade.


Coverage | Easy Summer Make-up Tips To Get Your Glow On
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The summer season can vary depending on where you are located, typically, I recommend a sheer cover foundation, a tinted moisturizer , or even a mineral powder foundation for personal use just because it’ t more lightweight and it allows your skin to breathe. Nevertheless , I understand sometimes we need to hide pimple marks and acne scarring and for that, I recommend covering just that patch with a full-cover foundation, just in that area where you need it. It’ s i9000 the summer season and it can get really dry or actually humid, and the look of heavy makeup melting on your own skin either way just doesn’ t appeal to me.

Sheer Glow

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If you want to pack on the glow , I suggest a water illuminator. Just because it’ s more easily incorporated in different items like foundation or moisturizer, it’ s also pure enough to look a bit more natural for when you’ lso are going to the beach or hanging out under the sun with buddies.

Skin Shimmer

Skin Shimmery | Simple Summer Makeup Tips To Get Your Glow On
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Another beautiful summer makeup suggestion to amp up the glow is to slather a bronzer or a skin highlighter all over. It won’ t seem greasy at all just glowy and shimmery, perfect for revealing some skin.

Check out this simple summer makeup tutorial by  Jordan Lipscombe for more motivation:

These summer makeup tips are simple and easy enough to follow along with, as it’ s all about skin this year, make sure to in no way skip the first three tips to keep your skin not just glowy but healthy too.

Share your personal summer makeup tip in the comments section below; and when you’ re looking for alternative brands to try this summer what about a go at eco-friendly makeup brands ?

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*Editor’ s Note – This post had been originally published in July 2015 and  has been up-to-date for quality and relevancy.

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