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Summer time Makeup Ideas | 12 Fun Looks This Season

Summer is here and  I don’ t mind having these summer makeup looks forever . Let’ s have a look at some of the fun summer makeup ideas well-known for 2017.

Super Chic Summer Make-up Ideas for 2017

Makeup geeks all over the world have a lot to be happy about this season as we’ ve seen major runways and fashion spreads keep inspire us with fun summer makeup ideas we are able to replicate in our own runways, check out this list!

1 . Glitter  Highlights

Glitter Highlights | Summertime Makeup Ideas | 12 Fun Looks This Season
image via allisondepmuah

From fashion displays to music festivals, we have seen everyone rock glitter glue highlights this season. A light dusting of glitter powder in the lower lashes gives your eyes and   in your cheekbones give your look the attention it deserves. It works nicely on anyone too.

2 . Glossy Covers

Glossy Lids | Summer Makeup
image via patmcgrathreal

Commonly seen on editorial spreads through years passed, the glossy eyelid look is definitely heading mainstream. Makeup artists usually dab a small amount of Vaseline around the lids to create the look, but as this runs and streaks out, it’ s quite impractical for everyday use. It’ s a good thing that MAC has created the Recording studio Eye Gloss so you can recreate this look anytime.

3.   Strobing

Instagram Photo

Strobing  is a  decades-old practice developing a beautifully-highlighted encounter . Create this look by sweeping a highlighting lotion on the high points of the face, make sure it’ s i9000 blended out and subtle enough to look like healthful skin.

4. Dewy and   Bronzed Skin

Dewy Skin | Summer Makeup
image through melgoldmann

If you haven’ t noticed however, this season is the season of beautiful skin. Seen in strip and created by professional makeup artists, dewy skin will be finally in. The easiest way to get a dewy skin look would be to apply a  liquid illuminator before foundation. Afterward,   apply a very light bit of highlighting powder if you consider it necessary.

5. Shimmery Eyes

Shimmery Eyes | Summer Makeup Look
image via germanovna73

Enchanting shimmery eyes are in this season as well. Layer complimentary or monochromatic shimmery shadows on your lower and upper lids  to make your eyes pop. Perfect for a sugary summer party.

6. Glossy Pout

Glossy Lips | Summer Makeup
image via hkassel

This classic appearance is perfect for the summer, a high gloss lip lends a fresh viewpoint to your look and also compliments a golden tan superbly.   Don’ t forget to stay hydrated for a replenished with water and supple looking pout.

7. Fake Freckles

Faux Freckels | Summer Makeup
image via hungvanngo

Phony or not, freckles are the hottest summer makeup look to strike us this season. No need to put on loads of foundation and concealer. Show off your skin along with mascara-defined eyes, lip gloss as well as a flush of blush on your cheeks.

7.   Full Brows and Sultry Makeup

Full Eyebrows and Sultry Makeup | Summer Makeup
image via patmcgrathreal

Nothing of that shaved brows this season just beautiful, naturally complete and hairy brows that frame our faces. Accomplish this look by combing your eyebrows up and filling up them in with eyebrow powder. Quick and easy.

nine. Apple Red Lips

Apple Red Lips | Summertime Makeup
image via patidubroff for Byrdie Beauty

The classic red lips is here to stay and this is one of the reasons why I really like this year’ s summer makeup trend. Barefaced or even pair it with a rose gold to copper-toned darkness and you’ ll never have to worry about looking classy in this particular hot weather.

11. Glitter Lips

Glitter Lip area | Summer Makeup Ideas | 12 Fun Appears This Season
Image via diana_moisa

One thing we cannot deny this year is the resurgence of all things glitter. Even the runways have got sported the glitter lip look much to our wonder.

12. Warm Hues

Warm Hues | Summer Makeup Ideas | 12 Fun Looks This particular Season
Image via alatorreee

Warm hues are a summer staple yet this year we see peaches and oranges coupled with browns and bronze for a sexy hot summer look.

Watch this summer trend video tutorial associated with Christen Dominique:

This season, mix and match these fun and classy summer season makeup looks and find out what works well together. Whether it is dewy skin paired with glitter lips, it seems you can’ t go wrong with any.

Tell me what’ s your favorite summer makeup look! Sound away from in the comments below! And if you think this post was useful, take a look at these easy summer makeup tips for glowing skin !

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*Editor’ s Take note – This post was originally published in July 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.  

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