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Tablet Makeup for The New Year | Learn How To Build One particular Now

Capsule makeup is slowly becoming a trend and I (very, very hesitantly) would like to give it a try.

Okay, I’ m going to switch my professional-makeup-artist self off plus consider my personal makeup kit in order to ask myself basically honestly need a capsule makeup collection. The answer is indeed.   If you’ re like me, I love trying out brand new stuff – drugstore or high end. If I can, I might most likely grab one for myself. The end result: a personal package that has grown to be a monster.

So to begin with, when I heard about capsule makeup collections, of course , it produced sense; however , the makeup hoarder in me is just not thrilled at all. But even as I write this lower, I can already think of different ways and means of creating a make-up capsule and this is what this post is about. How we can possibly begin our own, together.

So I’ m likely to start this off with a practical suggestion on how you may trim down your makeup collection into a capsule that works, so when I say “ you” I really mean “ I”.
What is a capsule makeup collection anyway? It’ t basically a workable little capsule of things you make use of everyday. So you don’ t have to think about what to put on tomorrow and the next because you already have the basic items in a single little capsule. The idea saves a lot of time putting on makeup plus effort cleaning up your mess. Especially since I have a bunch of lipstick collections   and eyeshadow shades I never even reach use.


Image via stunnydesi_loves

My thought process is to start with downsizing my own kit. If you think this is hard, think again. Even for a make-up geek like me, I can already recall the many times I’ ve given away unused makeup or makeup I don’ t need anymore and we can start there. Sometimes all of us get too attached to our makeup collection we actually find ways to fix damaged items , in this case, forget about that and really pin straight down what you need.
Go through your kit and assess which of them you barely- if not never, use. Those that are really older throw them away, do not give them to people as they are harbingers associated with bacteria. Those that do not match your skin tone or character but are clean and not expired give them out.

The Essentials

Now that you’ ve cut down your kit,   pick your everyday staples. I’ m thinking to create a capsule makeup collection for day time to night wear and mini collections for each period. Another idea is to create an everyday capsule makeup package and a separate glam collection for when I have to visit events.

The Essentials | Capsule Makeup for The New Year | Learn How To Build One Now

Image via skinscapades

I’ m going to listing down key pieces in my would be capsule collection to provide you with an idea, but take note that I don’ t like within the lot of makeup so your staples and mine can perfectly be different. When I think of staples, I immediately think of these important pieces:

Everyday Capsule Makeup Collection:

1 mineral powder foundation
Matte Eye shadow palette
3 color lipsticks (nude pink, rosey, red)
Lip and cheek tint
1 black water eyeliner
1 black pencil eyeliner
one mascara
1 eyebrow pencil
1 lips balm
1 eyelash curler

So when I have my basic everyday capsule makeup collection, I’ m thinking to create “ mini” collections, things that I could add on to the basic capsule collection for specific occasions.

Glam Capsule Makeup Collection:

1 pair wispy false lashes
Shimmer eye shadow palette
Blush palette
2 liquid lipsticks (mauve pink, red)
3 lip liners (mauve pink, nude, red)

I feel like I could create separate capsule makeup kits for different seasons yet I’ m afraid I might be getting ahead of myself right here and that it might ruin my effort to actually downsize in to smaller makeup kits, so I’ m going to begin simple with just the every day and glam capsule selection. I’ m sure when the new season rolls in, you will see other things I will need in my capsule kit and maybe another color selection so I will just edit accordingly.

seasonal capsule make-up | Capsule Makeup for The New Year | Learn to Build One Now

Image via stunnydesi_loves

This whole capsule makeup way of thinking is making me think about whether to buy new products delete word, but since it’ s part of my professional endeavor to maintain up-to-date, I feel like I can’ t limit personally to not buying but perhaps I can immediately dispose away new stuff that I figured I won’ t make use of or does not work on me or immediately disposing items which have been replaced with a newer product.

I realize that not everyone has the need to keep up-to-date, so if you are that individual may be holding off from giving into cheap thrills in the drugstore makeup aisle or from buying within the next six months might be a good idea to keep your kits free of excess makeup a person don’ t need. You know if you think about it, this exercise can extend to other things like your clothing and locks accessories and nail shine collections.

Take a look at this movie by The Anna Edit to check out her own capsule makeup selection:

Just viewing that video makes me feel so positive regarding doing this. I feel like this is going to be such a healthy practice for me personally but it will also take much discipline to keep up with and am hope writing down my thought process is helping you out in the event that you’ re one to consider this new trend. This is bound to challenge me creatively and personally as well therefore I’ m going to follow through with this and maybe give you a good update in the future.

Let me know if you think this really is something you’ d like  to try by sounding away in the comments section below and if you think you like a lot more capsule concepts check out how to travel lightly with all your adorable outfits on this blog right here , it truly has ingenious capsule concept ideas.

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Mason & Ivy Stone Tassel Necklace

I’ d like to observe how you’ ve downsized to your own capsule makeup sets, so go ahead and share them on Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter .

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