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Thrifty Makeup: When To Splurge And When To Save

By Lea Yu / a few hours ago

Thrifty makeup tips are necessary these days, because there are so many expensive options on the market.  You need to know what to splurge on and what to skip. The most common misconception is that expensive makeup is better than their cheaper counterparts, this isn’t always the case. When to Splurge 1. Foundation   Why […]


10 Celebrity Makeup Brands You Need to Know

By Alicea James / 3 weeks ago

Celebrity beauty brands are always popping up, but just because a celeb lends their name to a product doesn’t guarantee success. They key is actually taking a hands on approach, having a vested interest and most importantly creating something that is needed and gives customers value for money. Check out the list of celebrity makeup […]


Aging Gorgeously | 5 Best Beauty Regimens

By Kiana Martin / 3 weeks ago

Beauty regimens are important for happy healthy skin. Have you ever wondered how to have the best beauty regimen and achieve the utmost control over your good looks? Well, the secret is simple – having a fantastic skincare regimen can save you time and money down the road. By taking a few simple steps toward making […]


The Beauty Bible: 14 Skincare Tips You Should Swear by

By Aileen Pablo / 3 weeks ago

Skincare tips are essential for beautiful, radiant skin. If there’s one thing that we can all be sure about, it’s that beauty is power. No matter how the society’s perception of beauty changes, the fact that it is wanted and sometimes ‘needed’ by both men and women in modern-day society can never be ignored. From […]


8 ‘Must Have’ Products From Kim K’s Beauty Line!

By Alicea James / last month

Kim Kardashian is known for her beauty so when the reality star announced that she would be releasing a makeup line, it made sense. Although younger sister Kylie Jenner has already make her mark in the beauty industry with her billion dollar cosmetic company, KKW Beauty is also striking a chord with fans. Read on […]


How to Make Your Hands Look Younger in 5 Minutes

By Aileen Pablo / last month

Make your hands look younger in 4 minutes; sounds impossible right? Well what if i told you that we can tell you how? Just read on for these amazing tips!     I already lost count on the number of times I encountered women who look way younger than their actual age. I can almost […]


Home Remedies For Blackhead Removal

By Lea Yu / a couple of months ago

Blackhead removal is necessary if you want, beautiful, radiant, acne free skin. But many people don’t really know how to even begin the process of removing these horrid things. Do you know that you can remove blackhead at home, on your own? Say goodbye to expensive salons and hello to free DIY blackhead removal!   […]


Diy Skin Care Products & Recipes| Home Remedies for Acne

By Lisa Loperfido / a couple of months ago

 Home remedies for acne are a game changer for stubborn skin. Stop adding more chemicals to your diet and face to get rid of acne, and treat it the natural way instead. Read on for more!  Home Remedies for Acne Sometimes breakouts occur because of the harsh ingredients that you are using to fight it, […]


Diy Skin Care Products and Recipes | Safe Cosmetics

By Lisa Loperfido / a couple of months ago

 Safe Cosmetics – No Carcinogens Buy natural products to decrease the risk of cancer. While your skin care products are low on the spectrum of cancer-causing elements, they are still something you apply to your skin regularly that could be having a positive or benefit effect on your overall health. Treat your skin well and […]

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