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How To Do Winged Eyeliner

By Lea Yu / a few days ago

Winged eyeliner is a beautiful eye trend that we. Can be a bit tricky to master for those who were just trying to learn this skill.  But on the contrary once perfected this will create that sultry, dramatic look that most of us wants to achieve! Follow the steps below and learn how you can […]


MUA Tips: How to do a Smokey Eye

By Shev Lira / last week

Smokey eye is the makeup look we love to hate. We all know the struggle of trying to do a smokey eye; if it goes wrong you can end up looking like a panda or raccoon. But when you get it right, it’s so beautiful! Worry no more girls! Here’s how to do this classic […]


Our Favorite Glitter Eye Makeup Looks+Tutorials

By Lea Yu / a couple of weeks ago

Glitter eye makeup can really take your boring or bland makeup to the next level, especially for special occasions such as birthday parties, a night of clubbing or maybe even a wedding. It’s fare to say the glitter trend is not for everyone, but it can add some well needed ‘pizzaz’ to your eye makeup […]


How To Hide Acne Scars With Makeup

By PerryBelcher / 3 weeks ago

Lingering acne scars has thousands of girls (and men) depressed about how they look, but you can hide acne scars with these useful tips. How To Hide Acne Scars With Makeup | Makeup Tutorials Em Ford is a London-Based Beauty Vlogger who recently posted pictures of herself without makeup. Those pictures later gathered a lot […]


Excellent Eyeliner Tips For Makeup Junkies

By Karen Lang / a few months ago

Every single makeup junkie should know these incredible eyeliner tips! Eye liner is such a major part of our beauty routine, and the perfect side is the icing on the cake. Here’ s a system of eyeliner hacks and tricks just for you! These Eyeliner Tips Will Change Your Life When I was starting out […]


Eye shadow For Brown Eyes | Makeup Tutorials Guide

By Karen Lang / 8 months ago

What’ s the best eyeshadow for brown eyes? Brown-eyed girls can now keep our list of eyeshadow tutorials that will make your own eyes sparkle like never before! Eyeshadow Regarding Brown Eyes Tutorials Calling all the brown-eye babes out there! This is the day that you’ ll prevent scratching your head for the best eyeshadow […]


Went up Gold Makeup Tutorial Perfect For Any Season

By Karen Lang / 10 months ago

Are you thinking of ways on how to do your rose precious metal makeup? Rose gold is always pretty on the eyes for almost any occasion and season… so check out our makeup motivation now! Try This Sultry Rose Gold Make-up Tutorial Let me say this right off the bat. I’ m in love with […]


Fairly Peach Makeup Tutorials To Create With Your Peach Palettes

By Karen Lang / 11 months ago

Gather your peach spring eyeshadow palettes,   and get prepared to recreate a lovely peach look for a stylish statement this season!   Keep reading for perfect peach makeup tutorial and peach beauty looks  you’ ll love! Peach Makeup Tutorials and Peachy Ideas Peach is a lovely color for spring and summer season. The things […]


Make-up For Asian Eyes | Makeup Tutorials Guide

By Karen Lang / 11 months ago

Are you experiencing Asian eyes? Applying makeup on small, monolid, or even hooded eyes can be a challenge, but with this list of great guides, you’ ll never have a bad makeup day once again! 11 Makeup for Asian Eyes: fully Foolproof Tips Calling out all our own Asian beauty lovers out there, believe me […]

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