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Makeup Tutorial | 23 Prom Makeup Ideas

By Azalea Pena / a few hours ago

The prom season is here and I’m sure that you’re already going crazy thinking about what look to do on prom night. Chill out. These 23 prom makeup ideas will give you awesome inspirations and the makeup tutorial will get you through the steps too. Prom night is undoubtedly one of the best nights of […]


Trend Alert: Blush Draping Makeup Tutorial

By Alicea James / last week

Draping is officially the new cool trend in makeup. It popped up on the fashion runways a few months ago, and since then many makeup gurus have adopted the trend. Read on as we show you some great ways to try draping, plus tutorial! Learn to Drape like a Pro If you’ve never heard on […]


19 Blackhead Dissolving Gels For Clear Skin

By Lea Yu / 3 weeks ago

We all dream of having clear skin free of blackheads. Do you want to achieve blackhead free skin without harming your pores? Try using a blackhead dissolving gel that gently sweeps away debris and leaves your pores less likely to retain dirt and unwanted build up. Check out our favorite blackhead removers that we recommend […]


8 ‘Must Have’ Products From Kim K’s Beauty Line!

By Alicea James / last month

Kim Kardashian is known for her beauty so when the reality star announced that she would be releasing a makeup line, it made sense. Although younger sister Kylie Jenner has already make her mark in the beauty industry with her billion dollar cosmetic company, KKW Beauty is also striking a chord with fans. Read on […]


7 Best Blush Products To Make Your Skin Glow

By Aileen Pablo / a couple of months ago

There is something charming and alluring in the whitish colors of winter. Those silver and blue theme can now be seen in various runways, parties and events especially since the debut of the movie Frozen. But If there is one thing that the blue and silver combo does not look good on, it is our […]


eleven Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Glasses

By Aileen Pablo / last year

Need makeup tips for when you put on glasses? Here’ s 11 tips for applying makeup if you have glasses on.   11 Makeup Suggestions for Women Who Wear Glasses Makeup software is quite a handful for most women. Add a pair of eyeglasses to the equation and applying and maintaining makeup can be quite […]


sixteen Graduation Makeup Tutorials You Can Wear with Confidence

By Azalea Pena / last year

Appear fabulous on your graduation day with these graduation makeup lessons. 16 Easy Graduation Makeup Tutorials Graduation is a very important day for you, for your as well as your friends. With that said,   there’ s no excuse never to look your best on this special occasion. Without further ado, here’ s the  perfect […]


Make-up Tutorials For Beginners: Full Face Makeup Tutorial

By Kiana Martin / last year

Need makeup tutorials for beginners? Find out which fundamentals are best suited for your skin type & tone. We  show you everything to get started here. Lesson 19: Full Face Makeup Tutorial For newbies In this video, you’ ll learn how to recognize your skin type and tone, as well as the best foundations for […]


a few Romantic Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas

By PerryBelcher / last year

Are you looking for a sugary and romantic makeup look for the most amorous day from the year? Check out these gorgeous makeup tutorials and inspirations to get you pumped up for Valentine’ s Day! Make-up Ideas For An Unforgettable Valentine’ s Day Whether you have a date or not, Valentine’ s Day is really […]

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