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Makeup Tutorial | 23 Prom Makeup Ideas

By Azalea Pena / a few hours ago

The prom season is here and I’m sure that you’re already going crazy thinking about what look to do on prom night. Chill out. These 23 prom makeup ideas will give you awesome inspirations and the makeup tutorial will get you through the steps too. Prom night is undoubtedly one of the best nights of […]


8 Simple and Fresh Look For Women With Rosacea

By Aileen Pablo / last week

Many women suffer from the inflammatory skin disease called Rosacea. This disease is characterized by bumps, redness and blemishes that resemble the look of pimples. Since we are living in an image conscious world, people suffering from this diseases encounter detrimental effects that goes beyond the physical. The appearance of rosacea can surely lower the […]


Aging Gorgeously | 5 Best Beauty Regimens

By Kiana Martin / 3 weeks ago

Beauty regimens are important for happy healthy skin. Have you ever wondered how to have the best beauty regimen and achieve the utmost control over your good looks? Well, the secret is simple – having a fantastic skincare regimen can save you time and money down the road. By taking a few simple steps toward making […]


The Beauty Bible: 14 Skincare Tips You Should Swear by

By Aileen Pablo / 3 weeks ago

Skincare tips are essential for beautiful, radiant skin. If there’s one thing that we can all be sure about, it’s that beauty is power. No matter how the society’s perception of beauty changes, the fact that it is wanted and sometimes ‘needed’ by both men and women in modern-day society can never be ignored. From […]


Modern Day Pinup Looks -Video Tutorial

By Lea Yu / last month

Modern day pinup tutorial? Say no more, we’ve got you. Are you into that vintage 40’s 60’s pin up makeup looks? Then you’ll definitely want to see this video…Read on for more! Do you know that it is easy for us now to replicate these looks? Well girls this present day pin up makeup looks will […]


How To Do Deep Crease- Eyeshadow Tutorial

By Lea Yu / a couple of months ago

Eye shadow application is an important part of your makeup regimen. Would you like to know how to do a cut crease eye shadow like a PRO? Well, read on for more info plus video! Deep Crease- Eye shadow Tutorial We all know that this eye shadow technique is quite tricky and complicated most especially […]


sixteen Graduation Makeup Tutorials You Can Wear with Confidence

By Azalea Pena / last year

Appear fabulous on your graduation day with these graduation makeup lessons. 16 Easy Graduation Makeup Tutorials Graduation is a very important day for you, for your as well as your friends. With that said,   there’ s no excuse never to look your best on this special occasion. Without further ado, here’ s the  perfect […]


Make-up Tutorials For Beginners: Full Face Makeup Tutorial

By Kiana Martin / last year

Need makeup tutorials for beginners? Find out which fundamentals are best suited for your skin type & tone. We  show you everything to get started here. Lesson 19: Full Face Makeup Tutorial For newbies In this video, you’ ll learn how to recognize your skin type and tone, as well as the best foundations for […]


Obtain Loose Curls With This Easy Tutorial | Makeup Lessons

By Liv Van D / last year

Are usually loose curls your favorite way to style your hair? These eays steps instructions will leave you with soft, bouncy curls. How To Get Loose Curls Easily Loose curls are easy to do. You’ ll have a  beachy look in no time with reduce curls galore! Follow these step-by-step instructions to create this particular […]


seven Times Demi Lovato Nailed Her Bob Haircut

By PerryBelcher / last year

Demi Lovato looks fab along with any and every hairstyle. We’ ve seen her along with rainbow locks , we’ ve seen her as a blonde, but our favorite appear of hers has to be the bob haircut she stones. Here are 7 times the songstress made us wish to snip our hair. seven Times […]

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