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Everyday Makeup Tutorial For Mature Women

By Kiana Martin / 3 weeks ago

Gracefully aging and looking for an everyday makeup tutorial to enhance your features? Let’s face it, aging is something most women dread about. It’s a natural process we should learn to embrace, but a little natural everyday makeup never hurt anyone. For those who are in their late 30s or 40s, wearing makeup and practicing […]


How to Shape Eyebrows Without Spending

By Karen Lang / last month

I have a step-by-step guide right here for you so you’ll never leave home without your eyebrows on point! Achieving the perfect eyebrows seems impossible to do. A makeup pro told me that eyebrows are sisters, not twins–which means that they look very similar but not entirely identical. This piece of advice has really helped me […]


Easy Makeup DIY Ring Light For Beginners

By Karen Lang / a couple of months ago

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of makeup artistry, and although the best source of light is the sun, weather changes can disrupt that light. Or, we simply may not have enough windows at home to let light in. Luckily for you, I have found this easy DIY ring light tutorial online by […]


Cool Eyeshadow Ideas For Brown Eyes

By Lea Yu / a couple of months ago

Who says brown is boring? Brown being neutral can go well with all shades.  Check out how these beautiful palettes work with the brown eyes. Be cool with your Brown eyes! Great eyeshadow ideas for your brown eyes! 1. Purples and Teal Eyeshadow via sleepologist   2. Rainforest via beautylish   3. Pink, Purple and Blue Glitter via weheartit   […]


DIY Homemade Makeup Remover

By Lea Yu / a couple of months ago

Have you seen my previous post on DIY Makeup Remover by using Aloe Vera Water and EVOO? Now, here’s an easier version with just one ingredient! YES! Coconut oil! Known to be as one of the “superfoods” as the coconut oil gives those amazing benefits! Another good news is that this makeup remover is in the form of […]


This Week in Beauty- Hair and Makeup Looks We Love

By Alicea James / a few months ago

Hair and makeup looks of the week. We’ve rounded up our favorite beauty looks from the most stylish celebs this week. Check them out below and tell us which ones you love or don’t. Hair and Makeup Looks We Love Fierce Cat Eyes- Lily Aldridge All hail Lily Aldridge with with fierce cat eyes guaranteed […]


Tightlining 101: Make Your Eyes Bigger & Brighter With This Simple Trick

By A Hainute Moderne / a few months ago

Always dreamed of bigger and brighter eyes? Tightlining not only makes thicker lashes possible, this handy technique makes bigger, brighter eyes a reality. Wonder how celebrities get to be doe-eyed even in their no-makeup look? The secret is in tightlining and here’s how to do it! Tightlining Tips: The Secrets of Doe-Eyed Celebrities   What is […]


Diy Skin Care | Homemade Remedies: Acne Face Mask

By Lisa Loperfido / a few months ago

Acne face mask is the perfect remedy for people battling this annoying and oftentimes embarrassing skin condition.Acne is a common and stubborn skin condition that affects millions of people around the world. If you aim to get rid of acne then our natural home remedies for face masks and acne spot treatments are for you. […]


15 Awesome Homemade Makeup Products

By Lea Yu / a few months ago

  Professional products and even drugstore makeup can add up very quickly which can be frustrating when you’re not getting exactly what you want out of them. Sometimes you just can’t find the best blush for your skin tone or get the flawless coverage you’re looking for in foundations on the market. I know I’m constantly […]


Makeup Tutorial | 23 Prom Makeup Ideas

By Azalea Pena / a few months ago

The prom season is here and I’m sure that you’re already going crazy thinking about what look to do on prom night. Chill out. These 23 prom makeup ideas will give you awesome inspirations and the makeup tutorial will get you through the steps too. Prom night is undoubtedly one of the best nights of […]

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