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Tarte: 7 Surprising Things You Didn& #039; t Know

Some people are usually obsessed with the dessert and some people are fanatic about the concealer— most of us are probably fall into both categories. Tarte is all about producing both groups happy, which has made it a favorite indie brand name. Founder and CEO Maureen Kelly sought to create a collection that is a fun treat for the skin, as well as healthy plus effective. Although her perfectly tinted cheek stains plus crazy dramatic mascara won’ t necessarily satisfy the craving for cheesecake, Tarte’ s line of “ top of the line naturals” has definitely fulfilled our makeup bag’ s i9000 appetite. You may know all about the shades in their palettes, but do you know the history of the company? These seven facts may even surprise the most devoted Tartlette out there.

1 . Tarte has been in the game for almost 20 years. Sixteen years to be exact. Kelly delivered the line to market in 2000, earning her first purchase at Henri Bendel. Shelf real estate at Bergdorf Goodman, Sephorand QVC followed soon after. Her ahead-of-the-curve concentrate on creating products with natural ingredients instead of parabens, mineral essential oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, and gluten hit a nerve. She was using acai berries in Tarte’s cheek stains before you began seeing everywhere in smoothie bowl form.

2 . The’s grounds behind the distinctive purple packaging of some of their most widely used products. The amethyst hue of the

as well as the Maracuja Oil vials stems from Kelly’ s personal interest for purple. The self-described makeup junkie has regarded as it her favorite color ever since childhood. Back then, the girl was making over her Holly Hobby dolls plus concocting cheek stains with shaving cream and coughing syrup.

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3. Their CEO had other programs before starting Tarte. Kelly was pursuing the PhD in psychology at Columbia University when the girl dropped out to create the company. She was frustrated along with existing cosmetics that didn’ t deliver on their states. When she tried to replicate their results at home plus failed, Kelly saw an opportunity to create easy-to-apply, effective items.

4. The Shape Strapping hype is even more real than you could imagine. Tarte fanatics may call themselves Tartlettes. Yet Tarte has also earned an even wider following for Tarte Shape Tape Shape Concealer , which launched earlier this year. When the holy grail-status product is in stock, one Shape Tape is sold every single 20 seconds. (That’s 4, 320 on a slow day time. ) And the love is only growing. In December, four brand new shades of the cult-favorite product launched, and a two-per-person buy limit was instated, which is helping to keep the concealer accessible to more people.

five. #kissandmakeup hits close to home. The hashtag-driven campaign to assist stop cyber-bullying started because employees were being bullied on Tarte’ s own Instagram page. Taking in accounts that cyber-bullying is a much bigger problem that people all around the globe face, the brand wanted to combat it by distributing positive, supportive messages on Instagram.

6. Tarte’s products are rigorously examined. To help back up their claims, they have considerable clinical testing. For example , the Lifted Sweatproof Mascara had to survive a real sweat chamber and withstand heat over 100 levels. And their testing isn’t for nothing: The Lights, Digital camera Lashes mascara, which was proven to increase lash volume simply by 424 percent, was tapped as the best natural wimperntusche in our 2016 Reader’s Option Awards .

seven. Kelly discovers many of her hero ingredients during eco-vacations. On a trip to Brazil, she discovered Amazonian clay when noticing the soft and supple practical the locals. After meeting women who scooped the particular clay right from the river bank, Kelly brought a few home with her. Another star ingredient, Maracuja essential oil, is derived from the Amazonian passion flower. Kelly uses an environmentally friendly harvesting cooperative to cut the fruit from plant before hand cold-pressing the extract.

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