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ten Life-Changing Makeup Hacks To Save You Money

Life-changing makeup hacks are those things makeup junkies  such as us should have up our sleeves. After all, many of us invest quite a lot of $$$ for our makeup.

While we may argue buying quality and varied deposit is a sound investment, it’ s still sensible that individuals should be prudent on spending. I know this is quite difficult particularly if the products we like are on sale at Sephora. Nevertheless, we should be able to pull out some life-changing makeup hacks to obtain the most of what we’ ve paid for.

Maybe you have felt like you don’ t have as much makeup to provide you with the result you want? Did you ever have to throw the face powder after it broke? Were you not able to complete out of your lipstick because the tip was cut off? Well, they are some of the realities we all face every single day. Unfortunately, buying a brand new one isn’ t always an option.

Correct, new makeup makes us happy. Nonetheless, it’ h also true that getting a replacement isn’ t consistently the best solution. This is where life-changing makeup hacks come in. They offer effective solutions to problems every makeup enthusiasts encounter.   Pulling out these tricks may come in handy during crisis situations. Not to mention, these makeup hacks will help you save money and time.

The best thing about life-changing makeup hacks is the fact they are easy and very convenient to do. In this post, I’ lmost all share 10 of these to help you with the most common beauty complications. I guarantee you’ ll be amazed by exactly how stress-free these hacks are.

1 . Convert Your Pencil To Gel Liner for A Smoother Software

Pencil in order to Gel Liner | 10 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks In order to save You Money

Image via Clipzine

Who states you need to have both an eye pencil and a gel liner? It’ s actually repetitive to buy both since they function likewise although they provide different results. Of course , we know that gel line give a smudgier finish. If you don’ t want to invest in both items, however , just convert your eye pad to a gel liner. Lightly burn the tip of your preferred eye liner. Let it cool for 15 seconds and voila! Instant gel liner!

2 . #Hashtag designed for Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup

Hashtag for Perfect Smokey Eye Makeup | ten Life-Changing Makeup Hacks To Save You Money

Image via Clipzine

Want the perfect smokey eye makeup for events but you’ re not too sure how to start it? Fret not because there’ s a simple means to fix his dilemma.   Just draw a slanting hashtag on  your outer lid and smudge for an immediate smokey eye makeup! For a tutorial, check this video from Cosmopolitan .

3 or more. How To Fix A Broken Makeup

How to Fix Broken Makeup | 10 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks To Save You Money

Image via Homemaker Stylish

Throwing broken makeup isn’ t the solution for your woes. Stop wasting your money as you can still salvage this.   The trick is to  pour a little 99% alcoholic beverages and press it with a spoon. It may get a small messy but just let it dry overnight. By the time a person wake up in the morning, you’ ll have makeup as good as brand new! Certainly one of the most reliable life-changing makeup hacks.

4. Use Warm Water to Fix Almost Dry Mascara

Fixing Dry Mascara | 10 Life-Changing Makeup Hackers To Save You Money

Image through Cosmoplitan

Mascaras get dry and clumpy from getting pumped continuously. However , you can actually get the most out of it by soaking your mascara  in a cup of warm water for a smoother and simpler application. If you’ re in a hurry though and don’ t feel like you have the time to wait for your mascara in order to swim  in a warm cup of water, try incorporating 4-5 drops of your eye drop. Stir with the applicator  and you’ re good to go!

5. Create Your Own BB Cream

Make Your Own BB Cream | 10 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks To Save A person Money

Image through Harpers Bazaar

I’ m certain most of us have this penchant for BB cream. But what if you run out of this dependable make-up item? Well, just do a DIY and save some money. Have a little bit of your moisturizer and mix to your concealer till desired texture is accomplished. Apply to face and see the wonder!

6. Make The Best Of Your Eye Shape

Make Most of Eyes Shape | 10 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks To Save A person Money

Image via Beautiful Girls Magazine September

Want to know how to do your own eye makeup but don’ big t have the money to take classes? Well, just follow the above example on how to apply eye makeup. Knowing your eye shape and exactly what look you would like to achieve will help you apply makeup  effectively. Allow this guide help you.

7. Pay Less With Mac Lipstick  Dupes

Mac Lipstick Dupes | 10 Life-Changing Make-up Hacks To Save You Money

Picture via Makeup Tutorials

If you can’ t afford your favorite shade associated with Mac lipstick, there’ s no reason for you not in order to sport it anyway. Okay, that may sound confusing yet I’ m actually talking about wearing a dupe. Drugstore dupes are affordable and available plus they’ re such as replicas of your shade preference. Check this post to see which products has got the same shade of your favorite Mac Lipstick at a low cost!

8. Double Duty Mascara

Double Duty Mascara | 10 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks To Save You Money

Image via The Beauty Department

Too restricted on the budget and can’ t have all the first everyday makeup stash? You don’ t have to have almost everything. The best solution is to purchase a product that can serve multiple reasons. Case in point is by using mascara as an  eyeliner. Check the picture above to guide you on how to use your mascara as an eyeliner substitute. It’ s easy, fast and amazing!

9. Olive Oil for Longer Lashes

Olive Oil for Long Lashes | 10 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks To Save You Money

Image via Babble

Use olive oil in place of pricey eyelash lengthening treatments. This   is surely one of those life-changing make-up hacks you will love. Olive oil acts as a conditioner to help your own lashes grow strong and healthy. Use a clean spoolie when applying and you should see changes in a month or two. Simply keep going!

10. Fix A Broken Lip stick

Re-attach Damaged Lipstick | 10 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks To Save A person Money

Image through Buzzfeed

I actually can’ t count how many broken lipsticks I’ ve thrown after I accidentally dropped them off. Looking back again, I can’ t imagine having to waste all that cash when it’ s in fact so easy to fix a damaged lipstick. All it takes is a lighter. So , take a lighter in weight, burn your lippie a bit. Wait for 20 seconds, plus voila! It’ s good as new!

For more life-changing makeup hacks, watch this movie from xoJahtna :

Letting go of the makeup without even trying to fix them or investing much on  getting the perfect look is not exactly the method to handle common beauty problems. In this day and age when details is easily accessible, there are so many life-changing makeup hacks available. Since you have these guide, why not try this eye makeup tutorial .

Have you in fact tried any of these life-changing makeup hacks? Do you have makeup hackers of your own? Share those with me and to everyone in the feedback section below. As you can see, the hacks I shared  are  very easy to do and with minimal time required.   To get more beauty  trends and news please visit my  Facebook , Instagram , and  Twitter .

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