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ten Updo Hairstyle Tutorials For Medium-Length Hair

Updo hairstyle tutorials are perfect for medium size hair. Look no further with this list of beautiful and effortless updo hairstyle tutorials!

Medium-Length Hair Updo Hair Tutorials

I recently caved in and cut my long locks in favor of the chic and easy lob. I love it, but have started to wish I’ g waited until after all my holiday parties to make the huge chop. All of my go-to updos require a bit more duration than I have to offer at this point…

Yet while my  heart temporarily aches for my  lengthy locks, I have come to realize that I can rely on these quite simple and pretty updo hairstyle tutorials for medium locks. Chic holiday looks saved!

Tips and advice to naturally condition and care for your hair.


Don't let yourself get caught short with dull colour and unruly hair.


updo hairstyle | hairstyle tutorials
Beautiful & Effortless Updo Hair Tutorials for Any Occassion!

10 Attractive Updo Hairstyle Tutorials

Taylor Swift, Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence and Lauren Conrad are a few highly successful people we know who chopped off their long locks in order to medium hair. Now we don’ t really understand if it’ s because they had to or they wished to. Either ways, medium hair has stolen a lot of minds lately and we just can’ t help but end up being wowed. But aside from curling it, you can also add design to your medium hair with  these beautiful & simple updo hairstyle tutorials.

1 . Easy Chignon

An easy twist for that elegant and easy beauty

Updo hairstyle | hairstyle tutorials
Quick & Easy Updo Hairstyle for Medium Hair

through yetanotherbeautysite

2 . Messy Braid Bun

Add a newest look to your usual messy bun with this messy braid bun!

updo hairstyles | hairstyle tutorials
Messy Buns with regard to Medium Hair

Get the complete tutorial HERE

3. Easy Twisty Bun

With two elastics and bobby pins , keep your hair in place with this beautiful and easy updo.

updo hairstyles | hairstyle tutorials
Easy updo intended for shoulder length hair

via latest-hairstyles

four. The Gibson Tuck

Super easy and won’ t take much of your time. This updo hairstyle will work for any age and is just as classy as it is.

updo Hairstyle | hairstyle tutorials
Step-by-Step Simple Updo Hairstyle

via glamradar

5. Half to Full Updo

Simple yet charming half updo hairstyle. Any lady with short or medium hair can do the marvelous half up!

updo hairstyle | hairstyle tutorials
DIY Updo

via pophaircuts

6. Twisted Headband Updo

Easy and super elegant. All you need is a headband!

updo hairstyle | hairstyle tutorials
Incredibly Cute and Easy Updo

via stayglam

7. Double Braided Bun

This cute double braided bun is a fun and simple hairstyle to do! Finish it off with your favorite tresses accessory and done!

updo hairstyle | hair tutorials
Cute & Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair

via hairsilver

8. Twists Wrapped Bun

The particular twists wrapped bun is another easy hairstyles to do, specially if you have spin and rewrite pins!

updo hairstyle | hairstyle tutorials
DIY Hairstyle for Moderate Hair

via buzzfeed

9. Beaded Headpiece Updo

This headband updo is perfect for people who wants to temporarily hide those bangs for the day.

updo hairstyle | hairstyle tutorials
Easy Hair Tutorial for Shoulder Length Tresses

via feedfloyd

10. Simple French Move

With this hairstyle, all you need really is just bobby pins. Perfect when you’ re in a hurry for function or client meetings!

updo hairstyle | hair tutorials
Simple Updo for Work

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Editor’ s Note – This post was initially published in December 2015 and has been updated for high quality and relevancy.

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