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The New Line of ColourPop Glitter Eye Shadow Launches Today

Glitter makeup is everywhere now—from palettes to the runway—and as a glitter advocate, the new line of ColourPop glitter eye shadow has propelled me into full-on glitter obsessee. (TBH if I could, I would dip my entire body in rainbow glitter—or perhaps highlighter—and live my life happily as a human disco ball. For now, I’ll have to stick to a more modest and realistic approach (that won’t scare away small children) with golden glitter gloss and the new glittery shadows.

Let me back up. The other day, via ColourPop’s various social channels, the makeup line announced a new finish to their Super Shock Shadows: Ultra-Glitter. Unlike their other textured shadows, which come in finishes like Pearlized and Metallic, these eye glitter eyeshadow provide a burst of sparkle as well as a borderline holographic effect, perfect for channeling your inner mermaid.

If the idea of glitter anything near your eyes scares you (which it does for some, especially contact lens wearers like my glitter-advocating editor), these new shadows have the same, versatile creamy texture and stay power the rest of ColourPop’s shadows have.

The first five shades of the new ColourPop glitter eye shadow collection will include both bold and neutral shades, so you can dip your toe or dive head-first into the glitter pool. Tamer shades include Sailor, a champagne with rainbow-like glitter; Arrow, a copper with pink shimmer; and Far Side, a neutral taupe flecked with gold. Go bold with Cusp, an emerald green straight out of The Wizard of Oz, or Dance Party, an eggplant purple with cotton candy-like glitter that I’d honestly wear just for the name alone.

The new line of ColourPop glitter eye shadow will be released at 1 P.M. EST today, so set an alarm on your phone/calendar/whatever and bookmark Oh, and since they’re ONLY $5 each, don’t expect inventory to stick around along. But once you get the shadows? They’ll stay put.


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