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The particular Crayola for Clinique Collab Turns Chubby Sticks In to Grown-Up Crayons

The Crayola for Clinique collection simply launched, and it transformed one of the cosmetics company’s most popular items, which you probably have in your makeup bag right now, directly into crayons. Which means if a fresh to death 120-crayon package of Crayolas made you feel like the coolest kid within third-grade, and a rainbow of Clinique Chubby Sticks made you feel such as the coolest sophomore, your adult life is about to come complete circle. That’s right, you’re never too old to use crayons — especially when you are able to draw them on your lips. The collab features 10 limited-edition Chubby Stick Lips Colour Balms in Crayola-inspired shades plus tubes, bringing everything you loved from childhood to your adulthood fave. However , they left the waxy scent associated with elementary school right where it belongs— in the past. This is actually the second recent launch to give us some serious years as a child nostalgia. Clarins just came out with a clicky pen complete with four line for lips and eyes.

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The Crayola Chubby Stays have the same hydrating formula packed with mango and shea butters as the classic lip product, but they are in product packaging that looks just like Crayola crayons, minus the need to peel off the paper down to jam it in a sharpener. (These babies are self-sharpening. ) And some of the shades might appear familiar, too. Mauvelous (a mauve), Razzmatazz (a vivid berry), Mango Tango (a tangerine), and Tickle Me personally Pink (a carnation pink) were color-matched to real crayons that in Crayola sets. All are also an area of the sheer selection of the collection that give lips a tip of color, as well as Melon (a coral) and Red Sherbert (a flamingo pink). There’s also three more extremely pigmented hues: Fuzzy Wuzzy (a dusty rose), Packet Red (this one is self-explanatory), and Red Violet (a sangria).

The Crayola for Clinique collection is available now on clinique. com . All ten shades can be found individually for $17, but you can also get mini sets associated with four and eight. Now here’s the one and only downside of the particular collab: It will only be around until February. Therefore shop it now and feel all the childhood seems while you can.

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