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The particular December Allure Beauty Box Challenge

Megan Salerno,   Allure  special projects editor plus self-proclaimed creature of habit, challenges herself to take out of  her beauty mentality   with an  Attraction Beauty Box subscription . Come back monthly to find out exactly how she uses the items in the box— the ones that earn an everlasting place in her medicine cabinet, and the ones that don’ big t quite make the cut.

It’ s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and I am starting to panic because I’ ve barely made a drop in my shopping list. For me, procrastination has become a time-honored holiday custom that’ s up there with tuning into the 24-hour marathon of “ A Christmas Story” on THE BEST SPINNER’S, or pretending to consume pickled herring at the stroke of midnight on Brand new Year’s Eve to appease my father. When the December Allure Beauty Box arrived, it was the welcome distraction from my daunting shopping list and I easily dug in. What I found, however , is that in addition to several necessary goodies to help me brace for the bitterly cool months ahead, the box also contained some unexpected gifts for the friends and family on my list.

Coastal Salt & Soul Heavenly Hands Cream

Whipping winds and sub-zero temperatures have done a number upon my poor fingers. Add compulsive hand-washing to the blend (it’ s cold and flu season, people! ), and my winter-worn hands were seeming like these were here to stay. That is, until a glimmer of hope found its way to the December box: a dainty tube of

. The non-greasy formula delivered a dose of much-needed dampness to my parched palms without leaving behind a slick remains on my keyboard and a trail of typos. The particular distinctive scent, however , was what truly set this particular hand cream apart. This is going to sound awfully particular, so bear with me. But , you know that inexplicable odor in the housewares section of Anthropologie that makes you linger presently there even though you came in specifically to find a dress for the bridal bath you’ re attending in just a few short hours? Which is exactly how I’ d describe Ocean Gardenia’ s special, yet citrusy fragrance. I didn’t get a chance to consider the other scents— Blushing Peony and Mediterranean Citrus— great I want to get my baby-soft hands on those too.

Verdict: This particular deeply-moisturizing hand cream is a trick I definitely wish to have up my sleeve this winter. But it’ ersus way too good to keep to myself; and honestly, it’ s a versatile gift that works for just about everyone upon my list. (As a bonus, its pretty packaging indicates I can scrap the wrapping paper and scotch strapping. A simple satin bow will suffice).

Tula Advanced Neck Cream

Some grandmothers move down family recipes. My grandmother’ s lasting heritage was this invaluable beauty tip: “ Always perform to your neck, exactly what you do to your face. ” At that time, I dismissed it with an eye-roll, but now I’ mirielle hanging my head in shame for ignoring her. And am should have known better. With barely a crease on her behalf face, only the white-knuckled passengers in her car has been able to guess that she was a senior citizen. While I may have got brushed off her sage advice for years, it’s discovered its way into my current skin-care routine: Our three-times-a-week retinol treatment that I slather from hairline to dé colletage, and top off with a thin layer of ultra-creamy moisturizer . These two heavy-hitting remedies work wonders on my face, but ravage my budget.

was a welcome addition. Packed with peptides, it helps to restore stiffness and smooth crepe-y skin just as well as my regular P. M. process, but at $80 for a 1 ) 7-ounce jar compared to $170 for one ounce of Crè me de La Mer, it’ s practically the steal.

Verdict: In terms of its benefits, it’ s neck-and-neck along with my usual anti-aging creams, but it charges into the business lead with its price-tag. A firmer neck feels a lot better if you have a fuller wallet.

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Embryolisse Lait-Crè me Concentré

Word on the street is the fact that

, a three-in-one primer, moisturizer, and makeup remover is within every single pro’s makeup bag. Needless to say, I was eager to discover what all the hype was about— perhaps a little too keen. The very next morning I slathered it all over the face to find that while it does absorb better than most day time moisturizers, it does not sink in well enough to keep my runny foundation in place. It did not have the anti-aging ingredients that I actually look for in nighttime cream, but it worked quite well to eliminate my makeup at the end of the day.

Verdict: For the beauty junkies on our list, I can’ t think of a better gift compared to well-hydrated, luminous skin. Like The Jelly of the Month Golf club, it’ s the gift that keeps on providing; and this moisturizer is certainly a present I’d give to one of my buddies with dry skin. For myself, it did not actually address my specific skin concerns, however using it for any week piqued my interest in the brand’ s type of anti-agers.

Beautyblender Water Blendercleanser

I need to come thoroughly clean: I don’ t remember the last time that I cleaned my makeup brushes. Even in spite of Allure ’ s weekly Instagram simple guidelines, I still gloss over this crucial step in our routine. Luckily, the challenge forced me to clean up the act, so to speak. This past Sunday, I broke out my brushes and soaked them thoroughly under the faucet. When i began to massage the mild cleanser into the bristles, avenues of dirty water poured out. As I watched the particular gunk, grime, and invisible unmentionables flow down the drain, I actually felt deeply gratified, but also a little grossed out. By the subsequent morning, I had forgiven myself, my brushes had dried out, and the bristles felt incredibly soft as I brushed, dusted, and swept them across my face.

Verdict: No more lazy Sundays for me. I’ ve invested in the particular full-sized

, and with a gentle nudge from social media each weekend, I am looking forward to cleaner brushes in 2017.

European Wax Center Wow My Brow Highlighter

Highlighter is the multitasker of our makeup bag. I use it along my brow bone tissues, on top of my cheekbones, and on either side of our nose to narrow the bridge. Since I have deep-set eyes coupled with dark circles, I also like to use an illuminator in the inner corners to brighten and bring them ahead. With a tapered highlighter brush or the tip of the ring finger, I’ ll usually gently press the creamy illuminator in the hard-to-reach spot, but with mixed outcomes. Neither method provides the precision or control I need to complete the job right 100 percent of the time. Enter

: This dome-shaped crayon was your perfect size and shape to get right in there, and the sponge to the opposite end helped to blend the shimmery formulation evenly every single time. The real test was stepping out in to the mid-afternoon sunlight. Much to my surprise, even in the severe, unforgiving sun, the highlighter looked beautifully natural.

Verdict: This worked like a charm and the elegant shade of champagne accomplished a subtle, almost-ethereal glow. Double-thumbs up!

So there you have it. The last Allure Beauty Box challenge pertaining to 2016. Check back in January 2017 as I swipe, trial, and swab my way through another 30 days.

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