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The particular DIY Unicorn Makeup Brush Tutorial You& #039; ve Been Waiting For

In early November, Unicorn Lashes blew up Instagram simply by launching pastel brushes inspired by unicorn horns. The particular set sold out in less than 12 hours— two times . Luckily, a DIY unicorn makeup brush guide now exists on YouTube, and it will fill the horn-shaped gap in your unicorn-loving heart. User Kats Meyow created her very own version of the sold-out unicorn brushes with the help of some clay-based, glitter, and inexpensive brushes. The at-home version might not be identical to Unicorn Lashes’, but they are another fun way to add some a lot more magical unicorn vibes to your beauty routine. (TBH you are able to never have too much, anyway. ) Even if you’re not crafty, it is incredibly soothing to view . I want Kats Meyow to narrate my life and turn into all of my makeup brushes into unicorn horns.

Below is what Unicorn Lashes’s sold-out established looks like— just in case they haven’t come up on your Instagram feed. In Kats Meyow’s YouTube caption, she distributed her love for the OG brushes: “This DIY had been inspired by the beautiful unicorn makeup brush set with the U. K. -based company, Unicorn Lashes. While producing your own is fun, their brushes are 10, 1000 times better than mine AND they come with a holo case! inch

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You can transform brushes you already have into something a lot more magical. Or you can buy some from E. L. F. or the under-$3 pink-tipped Wet and Wild brushes like Kats Meyow do. First, she tapes off the bristles, so they won’t obtain damaged in the crafting process. Then, she gets to toning. Trust me when I say, creating the unicorn-horn shape is easier compared to you think. After they dry, Kats Meyow paints on Imod Podge, then black and holographic-white paints. To give the brushes some sparkle, she brushes on glittery nail shine. You can also paint the horns with your favorite holographic toenail polish to give them the same iridescent effect as the genuine things. She finished off the unicorn-inspired brushes with a spread of star-shaped glitter and a protective layer of Imod Podge.

You can watch the full DIY unicorn makeup brush video below.

Now, learn how to be a dark eye look with your new brushes:

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