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The particular Flirt Cosmetics Party Flashes False Lash Applicator Is going to be Your Go-To Holiday Makeup Tool

Now that I’ve flipped my dog work schedule to December, I’ve subconsciously started dressing like the next day is Christmas. I’m already planning holiday party appears around the new Flirt Cosmetics Party Flashes False Eyelash Applicator. Let me back it on up. Remember whenever Amber Rose partnered up with the company this past summer in order to launch an easy-to-use gadget that allows you to apply individual falsies very quickly? It looks like one of those Wite-Out correction devices, but is in reality a little gun loaded with 44 lash buds. You click on one out, apply a line of glue, allow the cement adhesive to get a little tacky, then use the ergonomic handle in order to press and swoop the cluster of lashes on your lash line. It’s the perfect solution for those of us which find our fingertips too big and clumsy and tweezers too pointy and scary. (Me. )

Well, for the holidays, yesterday Flirt Cosmetics released a new applicator that comes with limited-edition red-and-green lash buds. The particular red-and-green aspect may seem a little crazy, but think about it such as this: You basically don’t have to do anything else with your makeup. All of them are the way fa-la-la-la-la festive all on their own. You can do three— a single on each end and one in the middle— or collection them across your lash line, as seen in the particular tutorial below by Rose’s makeup artist, Priscilla Ono. It’s not really any more wild than wearing sparkly eye makeup or glitter lips .

If you need more convincing that the gadget will make doing your holiday makeup supereasy, beauty blogger Katie McBroom kept her eye makeup low-key and finished from the look with a magenta lip. If you haven’t perfected winged liner yet, this looks just as impressive (and takes 100 % less effort).

When you do know how to nail the cat-eye technique, here’s a few inspiration for you.

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Such as the original, the holiday edition comes with comes with 44 individual falsies— enough for at least a couple holiday parties you may have arriving up— in a dispenser embellished with a design by artist/Flirt Cosmetics creative director Donald Robertson. I know I’ll be utilizing it at my friend’s next weekend. Like I learned using the Chicers beauty stickers I wore and wrote about, Flirt Makeup products likes to market their products as “weapons of mass attraction. ” I didn’t want to believe them, but they were unable wrong when it came to the star-shaped stunners. I type of have a crush on a guy that will be at the party, therefore we’ll see if the falsies will help me out. At least, they’re a pretty conversation piece. (“Why yes, I am putting on red and green false lashes, funny you should inquire! “) If you want to try them for yourself, the Flirt Cosmetic makeup products Party Flashes False Lash Applicator is available now intended for $28 on flirtcosmetics. com .

Now, learn how to do the perfect holiday hairstyle to visit with your festive lashes:

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