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The particular Fork Beauty Hack That Will Give You Major Childhood Nostalgia

The particular Fork Beauty Hack That Will Give You Major Childhood Nostalgia

We’d be lying if we said Laiba Zaid’s bright red hair didn’t remind us associated with repeatedly watching The Little Mermaid until the VHS out of cash as kids. And her fork beauty hack did not zap our wave of childhood nostalgia either. The particular beauty and fitness tumblr recently posted a video on Instagram associated with herself wielding the everyday utensil as a contouring/brow/liner device. Huda Kattan — the fairy godmother of blogger reposts— posted it a couple days ago on her own Instagram, and it’s considering that gotten 1 . 1 million views and counting.

Zaid started the mini tutorial simply by holding a stainless steel fork up to her brow. The particular straight edge and curve of the fork’s outermost tine helped her shape her arches to perfection, that is pretty genius if you have shaky hands. Then, she curved the dinglehopper (lol) along her lids to create sharpened AF winged liner. You can swap in this hack for your tape or string a single if you have trouble drawing precise cat eye. (Just be sure not to poke an eye out in the process. ) Finally, Zaid contoured her nose by brushing upon lines between the fork’s tines. We weren’t huge followers of contouring with a tea spoon when we tried it ourselves, but the fork seems to work just fine. And no, she did not brush the girl hair with the thing afterward. (Somewhere under the sea, Ariel is probably disappointed in that omission. )

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Sure, the fork beauty hack is mostly unneeded, but it’s certainly not the weirdest trick in the book. This season, the lip contouring king herself has broken out some lube to prime her pores and skin and a utm?rkt insert to apply foundation. One women actually tried contouring with some traditional vino .

You can see the shell beauty hack in action below.

Now, watch the 100 years of brow history in just a couple minutes:

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