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The particular Huda Beauty Highlighting Palette Was Just Announced upon Instagram

Huda Kattan has been keeping a key from us. While promoting her popular Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette a few months ago, the Huda Beauty Highlighting Palette seemed to be in the works. The campaigns were even shot with each other. All this time, the new highlighters have been right under our own noses, and we didn’t even know it, you guys. The particular queen of lip shaping is a sneaky one, but let us almost all in on the big news with an Instagram post recently. If you’re a fan of the blogger turned mogul (like the particular 16 million other people who follow her on Instagram), then you definitely know Kattan knows how to work a perfect lit-from-within glow. Just take a look at her Instagram avatar. For all we know, she could have been putting on the highlighting palette in the photo. Needless to say, we still cannot wait to see what her highlighting palette is all about.

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Kattan teased this news on Instagram with this short video four days back before saying exactly what product Huda Beauty is launching next. TBH, I should have guessed highlighter right off the bat because I always shift my head around like this when I try out a new highlighter to see how this looks at different angles. Originally, I thought she was alluding to the upcoming Huda Attractiveness foundation , which she talked about in her Instagram story a couple weeks ago. However , she’s about to cover all the makeup bases.

Information on availability, shades, or even how many highlighters will actually be within the Huda Beauty Highlighting Palette haven’t be revealed at this time. While we wait patiently for more information, you can watch the entire teaser video below and try out our favorite cheek palettes of the moment .

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