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The particular Huda Kattan SiliSponge Hack Is Hilariously Genius

Huda Kattan has put a lot of strange things, including lube , on her face in the name of beauty. Yesterday, she applied basis with a silicone bra insert. The Huda Kattan SiliSponge hack video has already gotten a million views on Instagram. The thought of putting something on your face that you typically place in your bra to give yourself a bit of a lift may seem so wrong, but eager times call for desperate measures. Last week, the SiliSponge , a silicone makeup applicator from Hong Kong-based company Molly Cosmetics, completely sold out there after Reddit brought it to everyone’s attention. Unlike sponges plus brushes, the SiliSponge doesn’t absorb (and consequently, waste) any product and gives skin that smooth, airbrushed complete you get from a Beautyblender. And TBH, the crystal-clear device looks exactly like a silicone breast implant. To see the actual hype is all about, the lips contouring queen used the next best thing: the bra insert. She wrote on her site that she was “super curious” to see if the hack would work and how the soft thing would feel on her skin.

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Because the curve of idealiskt inserts are fit for a completely different part of the body, Kattan cut and folded hers into a more ergonomic triangle. Then, she dabbed on her foundation with the bra put in, followed by some contouring. Each product seemed to smooth upon just as it would with an actual makeup brush or cloth or sponge. In the Instagram caption, Kattan said she loved utilizing the bra insert to apply her makeup. “The application really was smooth, ” she wrote. “The best part was this did not soak up any product. ”

You can watch the whole Huda Kattan SiliSponge hack video beneath.

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