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The particular Too Faced Natural Love Palette Was Just Tempted (Update)

UPDATE (December 14, 10: 35 p. m. ): Just as the frenzy from the Great Sweet Peach Internet Freak Out associated with 2016 , Jerrod Blandino simply revealed what the Too Faced Natural Like Palette looks like inside on Instagram. That’s right, another #sneakypeek, and literally no time wasted on Blandino’s part to obtain all of us Too Fancy fans riled up about another eye-shadow palette . Plus despite the potential for some Too Faced fatigue with the nearly overwhelming amount of #sneakypeeks unleashed upon us in 2016 (let us not forget the Peanut Butter and Honey Palette , which is starting next year, the shades inside the Natural Love palette have got reaffirmed our love for the cruelty-free makeup company.

When he teased the packaging from the Natural Appreciate palette last month, we had no idea the palette would certainly include this several shades. Blandino even calls it a “mega palette” in his post, which had the Allure team speculating all kinds of things. For instance , a few of us wagered it’d feature a dozen or so dark areas in the rose gold family members . Instead, Too Faced completely surprised us along with 30— yes, THIRTY— gorgeous hues ranging from a rich and creamy white to a carbon black along with several shades associated with golds, coppers, and purples— all supposedly inspired simply by one of Natural Love’s predecessors, the Natural Eyes Colour scheme ( one of the internet’s favorites , for the record). We can’t wait to swatch the particular heck out of thing for you guys as soon as we obtain our hands on it. Sadly, we might be waiting some time. Blandino’s caption included the hashtag #summer17. Stay tuned.

Originally posted on November 14, 2016.

Another day, another #sneakypeek— and this time Jerrod Blandino teased an upcoming product that isn’t food-themed. Although we have been pumped about the Peanut Butter Honey and Chocolate Chip palettes, the Too Experienced Natural Love Palette is a good, well, palate cleanser. (you actually know I had to. ) Blandino posted a picture from the cover of the soon-to-be-released compact, and it has a more romantic, fairy tale vibe than some of the company’s more recent palettes. (Almost such as Gilmore Women , maybe? ) The roses, rabbits, plus birds are more Cinderella than the elementary-school lunchroom that the Peanut Butter palettes think of, and I’m into this, dare I say, adult moment for Too Faced. I haven’t seen the palette like this from them since the Natural Matte and Natural Eye palettes came out.

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Because Blandino’s Insta post will be the only look we have at the palette at the moment, only the people at Too Faced know what’s inside. The colours in the Instagram photo immediately made me think it may be a rose-gold eye-shadow palette. From make-up brushes to planes , everything may be the metallic hue these days . I wouldn’t blame As well Faced for wanting to jump on the bandwagon. If the colours aren’t just rosy nudes and shimmery pinks , I think some botanical-inspired vegetables and browns might come into play, too. Another concept: It’s a blush palette casts off a rosy glow. Too Faced’s blushes are called Love Flush, so could Natural Really like equal Love Flush?

We’ll make sure to keep my eye out for more hints at what might be inside the Too Faced Natural Love Palette and will revise this post when more information is available. In the meantime, the days of Funfetti #sneakypeeks are officially over. The Funfetti Collection is out now upon hsn. com . And the Sweet Peach and Kat Vonseiten D collections, which launch in December, are usually right around the corner. And if that’s not coming up roses, I don’t know what is.

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