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The particular Wet n Wild PerfectPout Gel Lip Balms May Brighten Your Winter Lip Look

We’ve currently waxed poetic on the multiple benefits of adding a lip exfoliator for your winter pout prep, and now we’ve found the perfect enhance to said scrub: the Wet n Wild PerfectPout Gel Lip Balms. And, fortunately for you (and your own wallet), these tinted companions retail for the same affordable cost as the exfoliator: a whopping $3 per tube.

The Wet n Wild PerfectPout Gel Lips Balms are unlike anything in the drugstore beauty brand’s previous lip lineup, as these lip elixirs aren’t a significant gloss nor a balm, but leave your mouth looking— and feeling— just as shiny and silky-smooth. Why’s that will, you ask? Allow us to elaborate: Because the lips treatments are made with water-soluble ingredients like hydrating e vitamin, the formula glides easily and absorbs readily in to parched lips like a gloss. And then thanks to ingredients such as avocado oil and macadamia, you’re getting the moisturizing advantages of a balm— only with a slick, sheer, and gleaming finish.

Besides the boost of hydration, these lip slicks come tinted— and in seven different shades, ranging from the cool very clear Pout & Kiss to a pop of purple along with Pout & Rule. When I test-drove a few of the hues at the office, it was the soft bubblegum pink, Pout & Appreciate, that ended up in my keeper pile. Just a few coats from the gel-like formula left my lips with a healthy get rid of, that wasn’t overly painted or lacquered on. Difficult unlike

, now that I think about it. But whereas Maybelline Child Lips really only come in the softest range of peony pinks, watermelon reds, and nudey peaches, the Damp n Wild PerfectPout Gel Lip Balms verge somewhat edgier, with a deep aubergine, a fiery fuchsia plus warm pumpkin in the lineup. I’m going out on an arm or leg here, but you could almost think of these new ointments as Baby Lips’ cool older sister.

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The little pipes of Wet n Wild PerfectPout Gel Lip Balms— which are $2. 99 each at wetnwildbeauty. com come January— pack a mean color punch considering they’re only offered as a tint. Meaning, if you’re looking for a light lip search for the season, these definitely deserve a spot in your winter lips treatment rotation. Keep one on your desk, in your handbag, or on your vanity and touch up when you need a little choose me up. We promise they’re well worth half the Lincoln.

Now, learn how to make your own DIY lip scrub at home:

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