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The right way to Do 9 Korean Makeup Looks | Makeup Lessons

Let’ s take a break from all the glam of our normal makeup posts and learn how to do Korean makeup developments.

Makeup artistry is a deeply cultural practice which is why you see a difference between Western and Asian make-up trends. I can go more specific but for the purpose of trying to save this blog post short, we’ re going to take a look at some of the most popular Korean makeup trend and how to do it.

In the event that you’ ve ever been to that part of the world, one thing that will stands out is how beautifully pale everyone is and it’ s not just about genetics, it also has a lot related to the diet and the skincare regimen. I especially love taking a look at Korean print ads because I love how their make-up is barely there, mostly focusing on the skin which motivated a whole new search for Korean products – which is a totally different story. Let’ s move on.

However , today I’ mirielle going to show you how to recreate these Korean makeup tendencies and we’ re not only focusing on the skin. I’ meters sure you know these trends, but at the end of 2016 I realize a slight shift in the makeup trends worn by well-known Korean stars and bloggers.

Bright Lip area

Image via park. shinhye

However the gradient lips haven’ t actually gone away, I actually notice that more and more people are wearing bright colors on their lip area and they don’ t exactly like to overdraw around their particular lips, in fact my Korean makeup trend radar informs me that applying it to make the lips look thinner is hipper in Korea.

Gradient Lips

Gradient Lips | Tips on how to Do 9 Korean Makeup Looks | Makeup Tutorials

Image via ponysmakeup

This Korean makeup tendency is probably one of the most popular and it’ s quite easy in order to recreate, pick a bright color of pink or orange plus along the inner part of your lips, swipe it throughout once. To create a gradient effect grab a small lip clean or, I personally like to use, a small eyeshadow blending clean and blend it outwards. Top with a clear shine and voila!

Puppy Eye

Puppy Eye | How To Do 9 Korean Makeup Looks | Make-up Tutorials

Puppy Eye | How To Do nine Korean Makeup Looks | Makeup Tutorials

The puppy eye Korean makeup tendency is still very much apparent from all the bloggers and make-up gurus of Korea. I love this look, especially when done perfect because it creates such an innocent, youthful looking face. It’ s quite easy, run a thin line of eyeliner across the top lash line but instead of giving it a flick or perhaps a wing at the end, run it down just following the organic curve of the eye.

Take a look at this particular video tutorial by Lisa Ring

Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes | How To Perform 9 Korean Makeup Looks | Makeup Tutorials

Image via yooneunhyeimages

While the puppy eye seems like it’ s here to stay, I see a rising trend in cat eye looks. Put eyeliner along your top lash and give it a little flick at the end and that’ s it. Be careful not to create a bold winged liner, only a dainty looking feline flick. However , bolder variations of the look can definitely be seen from Korean Kpop Stars plus celebrities.


This particular Korean makeup trend is a bit weird for me, but it doesn’ t mean I won’ t give it a try. This actually means smiling eyes and this is created by faking a little eye bag underneath the eye. The trick is to swipe the contouring stick where you want the eyebags to begin. After that to create a puffier looking eye bag, using a matte or even shimmery highlighter, go over the part above where you produced the shadow directly below the lower lash line. Be sure to create “ smiling” eyebags, so swipe them in a grin shape.

This video by Elle Jess shows you step by step instructions to create your own “ cheerful eyes”.

Healthful Skin

Healthy Skin | How To Do 9 Korean Makeup Appears | Makeup Tutorials

Image via bae_suzy

Healthy Skin is no makeup technique it requires a healthy diet of greens and hydration. However , Korean makeup trends follow along by creating dewy pores and skin finishes. To create your own make sure that your skin is properly replenished with water, there are a lot of moisturizers on the market in the market so make sure you pick what’ t best for your skin type. To create a dewy finish, use a featuring cream on the high points of your face and utilize cream or liquid foundation lightly, mostly just upon areas where you need it. Avoid using powder foundation because this will create a matte finish. Set it with a shimmery completing powder to a more dewy look.

Directly Brows

Straight Brows | How To Do 9 Korean Makeup Appears | Makeup Tutorials

Image via y_aile

Korean makeup trends tend to imitate a younger, more youthful look and the straight brows provide you with that as well. Fill your eyebrows as you would, complete the arch as well to create straighter looking brows. Should you have a long eyebrow, the trick is to “ erase” the finishes by dabbing glue over it. Once dried, go over the region with a concealer and set it with powder, that should provide you with shorter and straight brows.

Slightly Circular Brows

Slightly Round Brows | How To Do 9 Korean Make-up Looks | Makeup Tutorials

Picture via songhyekyozone

Even though the straight brow look is still around, I see a slight jerk to rounder arched brows as well. If you have a normally arched brow, just fill it in to create simply a light arch. It’ s a little bit shy off the directly brow look, just a bit rounder towards the end.

Flushed Cheeks

Flushed Cheeks | How To Do 9 Korean Make-up Looks | Makeup Tutorials

Picture via sura911

Flushed cheeks are always healthy-looking and this is what Korean make-up trend is all about. Using a lotion blusher in pink or peach utilize on the apples of the cheeks and blend circularly heading slightly towards the temple. No contouring or highlighting, simply let the dewiness of the cream blush take effect.

Check out more Korean makeup trend simply by watching this video by WISHTrendTV.

It’ s interesting to know about various makeup trends in different countries, you learn a lot regarding the  culture and the people and with social media nowadays this just seems like the makeup artistry world just obtained a lot bigger and I cannot be more than happy with that. Learning various techniques through different cultures is always a welcomed pleasure.

Complete your Korean look with this cute romper from Mason and Ivy!

Mason & Ivy Romper

Tell me which one is your favorite Korean makeup trend in the feedback section below, if you loved this post, then be sure to get in the know on Korean Fashion trends.

I’ d love to see you recreate these Korean make-up look so go ahead and share them on Facebook , Instagram , or Tweets .  

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