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The Ultimate Easy Halloween Makeup Idea For Procrastinators

What should I be this Halloween? Anyone have an easy Halloween makeup idea they can share like, yesterday? This is the million-dollar question that haunts me every year as October 31st approaches. I mean really, with so many fun ideas like galaxy makeup and a majestic unicorn, it can be impossible to decide. And let’s face it: No matter how many cool tutorials we stream, or awesome Instragram cosplay techniques we like, most us wait until the very last minute, leaving ourselves precious little time to assemble an intricate costume. (Anyone who has ever seen a costume store the last week of October knows the sad state of affairs I’m talking about.) We decided to come up with the ultimate Halloween makeup for lazy girls, procrastinators, and those of us who don’t like to make plans until the last minute. No really. This only takes one product.

Our simple hack all revolves around a black lip. When you think about popular costumes (witch, cat, girl from Suicide Squad), there’s nothing like a a fierce black lip to pull it all together. Even if you don’t feel like fully dressing up, this mysterious dark lip will have you ready to trick or treat—or at least try a candy corn martini. But our Halloween hackery doesn’t stop there. The best part is that you don’t even need an actual black lipstick to pull of this easy Halloween makeup idea. Unless you’ve taken your adolescent goth stage to adulthood—in which case, you’re awesome—a black lipstick may not be rolling around your makeup bag. That’s where a classic black kohl eyeliner comes in. (My we suggest last year’s Best of Beauty winner,

?) This beauty staple will provide a precise outline that could probably last through a whole bunch of apple-bobbing.

Now you know, when in doubt, black eyeliner out. Watch the video above to learn exactly how to get the technique right:

Learn how to nail a 1920s look this Halloween:


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